Coal City 2   Illinia Christian 0. Early hitting struggles(hopefylly) What caught my eye was the defense played.If last nite was a first step could be a very fun season.Up next GSW on monday.

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Ugggg.  Just when I thought we might actually get the season started on time this week, snow. Not sure who's in the Chicagoland area but 2-4".  Looks to be warmer towards mid week but cooling off towards the weekend.  Hopefully we don't get as much rain as they are saying and we can play this weekend.  Otherwise I am going to miss the beginning of the season as the wife and I are heading to Punta Cana for a few days.



Got up.Made pre game snack packed up.looked out window should've just ate the snack for breakfast.looks like getting any games in this week will heavily depend on field conditions.2-4 today with the possible rain going foward will probably cancel everything all week.Looks like I should seed the yard and go with Joe............Spring in Il.UGGGGGGGGGGG

C.C.  13  Pontiac 3. Game time temp wasn't all that bad.By 3rd inning temp felt like it dropped @ 5 degrees with a 10-15 MPH wind.BRRRRRR COLD

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C.C. 16  Clifton central 4  next up Beecher on saturday

Gonna go to the meat company?  Sorry bad joke. Trying to cheer myself up as we got snow last night. Hoping it melts off so we can get our first game in tomorrow. 

Game is here.I rarely get over that way.Is that place still open.In the same situation i'm just not 100% if I go with the towns name.The must have a real good softball coach and or youth S.B program over there.The H.S. S.B. program is a real steamroller for such a small school.I felt bad last night.With a smaller program when pitching is an issue its a real killer.

Ugh.  Kid just got the txt. first game of season called off tomorrow. Guess Im going to miss his first game and first start on the bump. 

Originally Posted by proudhesmine:

They cancelled ours last night also.Is there a rule in Il. that states game time temp. must be 40degrees?

not that i have heard of.

Hope it gets nice out for next weeks games.We are entering the most brutal part of our season.Yorkville,Marquette,Plainfield E,joliet west,JCA,westmont,Hersher,Morris,Thats leaving some out that "should" be wins16 games in 20 days.On top of that pretty good compitition.

C.C. 7  Beecher 2            C.C. 4   Beecher   3   Over last 4 innings of 2nd game.Beecher hit into DP in 3 of 4 AB to end inning.An edge of your seat game.Next up Yorkville.Possibility of meeting my first HSBBWC member!!!!!!!!!!!

C.C. 4  Ottawa marquette  3 in 10 innings.Game ended with controversial call at the plate with 2 outs.O.M. starter pitched a great game.Being only a soph. looks like a very bright future for the young man.Next up Plainfield East on sat. x 2.

Yes. Very fundamentally sound and aggressive hitters. They threw their #1, a lefty, who was on. Unsure of rest of their staff. They will put the ball in play and run. Their DH is best hitter

C.C. 5   Plainfield E.  15.  Sad showing from the guys.I really hope something is learned today.Up 5-1 in the 5th.P.E. rallys to 5-4.6th P.E. Goes up 7-5 with runners on and 2 outs procedes to go thru 3 pitchers(Including starter) and scores 8 runs.Second game only played 5 innings.Game was for the guys that don't get a ton of innings.With 13 players on team looks like depth of pitching could be problem thru current stretch. 16 games in 20 days doesn't seem to be enough.Added 3 more games to make 19 out of 20.Thank goodness for Sundays.Next up J.T.W on monday.

Yea that was it today. The joliet west loss was the first one earlier this week so today was consolation bracket lose first game you can only get up to 5th. Joliet west got 3rd after blanking Plainfield central 3-0 today

Got to put this out there....  Naperville Central over Joliet Catholic 3-1 Varsity

                                         Naperville Central over Joliet Catholic 5-3 Soph

Got to brag some when you beat one of the top teams in the state....


Nice victories Joe.  i notice you didn't have to face their Tier 1 pitchers but a win is a win and u kept their hot bats quiet. 

WSF, Did they let all the non starters/bench players hit all game long too?The way all these H.S. schedule games.All the teams get what you get.Maybe I.m just having a bad day but, I can't believe anyone would post "Your guys beat the 2nd team" Then add a win is a win for cover.

Joiliet West 6  C.C. 5 .A win would have been much better but , after last years 16-0 its not bad.Didn't hear if we lost by 1 to thier tier 2 bunch.

you must be having a bad day because that's not what i meant. sorry if that came across wrong. But if you read all the way I complimented them for the 2 hitter. Lighten up.

Originally Posted by USD24:

Nice win by Nap Central over JCA.  I am pretty sure they beat Providence the following day. 

Yep, won that one too...

Odd week dropped a disappointed 9-5 to stagg then beat lockport again 10-0 in 5 innings. Game today vs Sandburg postponed to tomorrow.

We're off today as well.  Supposed to play Benet.  Im guessing it won't be made up as its a non-conf game and we start conf play on Monday.



Yesterday  C.C. 11  tri county  3   Game today @ JCA cancelled due to weather.Conference play starts friday vs. Peotone.Big week in conference play begins next week.Home and away with Westmont.The same with Herscher sandwiched with a single game vs. Momence. 6 games in 7 days.Sure doesn't feel like it but, season will be half over this coming tuesday.

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