Anyone have any advice in regards to what a kid should wear to a HS tryout in the school gym? They can't have it outside because of snow and cold. In these situations do you guys know if the players still wear full baseball attire? Obviously, you can't wear cleats, but what about the pants, belt, socks and jersey? the coaches at our school haven't said anything specific and everyone's afraid to ask.
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I would definitely wear baseball attire - pants, belt, socks, jersey, hat. And of course no cleats. Look like you are ready to play!
I would wear full baseball attire unless you get permission from the coach, my freshman year I asked the coach and he said shorts were fine, he is a little more laid back but feel free to ask, worst that happens is he says no.
Also if you have cotton pant's instead of nylon.
Had a kid almost catch fire slideing with nylon pant's.
The friction from the floor burnt a hole in them.LOL
He was ok but the pant's where smoldering.
I'm real big on always wearing baseball gear, but in this case, I'd have him bring both baseball pants and shorts. If he's the only one in baseball pants, he's setting himself up for ridicule. Most HS's that I've seen are ok with just shorts for this type of try-out.
That's a great idea! I will definitely have him bring a change of clothes. Just to avoid confusion, my son posted the original question and a few replies, but now it's me. I am also wondering how the heck they conduct a tryout in the gym? I know when there's snow on the ground and it's 10 degrees out they have no choice, but how can a player field grounders or catch fly balls etc...? There's not enough room to see if a kid can make a throw from right field to 3rd or even from short or 3rd to 1st. Anyone know how these tryouts are usually conducted?
Our HS coach set up the pitching machine aimed at the basketball court and shot grounders at the field players. Boy, was he in trouble when the basketball team showed up the next day with a ruined gym floor!

Our team used portable mounds for pitching, set up an indoor cage in the auxilary gym for hitting, and clocked OF throws the length of the gym to get an idea of arm strength. Other than that, lots of 6am running and plyos when the gym was available. Think he was trying to drive off the boys who weren't committed to working hard. You just make the best of what you've got till the weather warms up!
My son tried out for a national team in a gym in Michigan a few years ago. They were really looking at mechanics and they can get an idea of arm strength in the gym, but it is definately not a perfect setup.

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