Someone once told me to never do an indoor offseason (October to February) showcase because they are all just money grabs. Is this premise true or false? 

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As with most things it depends. For example here in the North East where kids are usually shut down I think at best it's a waste and at worst you are going to get your kid hurt....

My 2020 RHP going into his main recruiting year this past winter planned to start going to college camps the second week in February, but again that was planned from when he shut down the previous season. One school that was on his list had a camp in late January, we decided that wasn't worth it. PBR in NY has their showcases in the end of Feb, and those are feeders for the state games.

Well, in the upper midwest where snow can be on the ground for 5-6 months then indoor showcases are a fact of life. Don't see what's wrong with going to a reputable one and posting a good measurable that will then go into a national data base. 

Money grab if no D1.  If schools are there, then that is what counts.  Pitchers throw 88 inside or out.  Catchers throw down to 2b inside or out.  Shortstops field balls.  Go to a REAL facility with lots of schools.

Son was 1st seen by current coach at an indoor camp in January. The showcase was put on by his club team coach. There were many D1 schools there and some pro scouts. He was only 15. He ran really well. I think it was helpful. But, I’m not sure if those camps are allowed in January anymore?

^.  No D1 after Oct 14 anymore.  Different animal, but glad he was seen indoors.

OF COURSE not the same as outside, but some are a little cheaper, have big facility, good coaches, videos etc.

Money grab from October 15- March 1 for sure.   Unless you are a D3 only player which is fine, but normally that doesn't move needle.

My son went to one and it was great.  Long video, 40 schools, 20 D1 Schools

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The PBR Super 60 is also indoor in February and not a money grab.  In terms of the others, it depends on what you are after.  If your son has made big gains and you want to document before summer (because it is hard to get anything in during hs spring ball) then it is worth it, if you are looking to be seen, it is probably better to wait until summer.

Sons have attended PBRs indoor showcases in the end of Feb. These are feeders for their state games (though plenty of players make the state games without participating). They are good with social media. Pushed a school that my son was speaking to to offer. Got my younger son on the radar of a few schools.

My son plays OF and it's not as good for them inside as it would be for IF, pitchers, and catchers.  But, not awful.  Especially if you're a hitter or throw hard.  You can really stand out.

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