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Originally posted by catfish342:
Not all poles are fat. Think about a flagpole, which is skinny. Using that unassailable logic, there's no reason Rob can't have a fat post. So I'm still calling it a post, even if it gets me banned by CD.

My kids continuously tell me how cool and hip they think I am so I can definitely say that Rob has a

phat post.
Wow indeed! I had a busy day and just checked back.

I am so sorry to have caused so much controversy and ill-feeling here. Shall we lock this thread before it gets out of hand?

I think I can end this controversy once and for all. Many people have told me that I have an intelligence quotient similar to that of a post, which is much different than that of a Pole.

So I should know a post when I see one, and this was Definitely a post and not a Pole!
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After very close examination (lol) I would say this was not a pole or a post.... is a type of lumber called a "piling". Heavier duty than a telephone pole with different treatment standards.

(Man, that will screw this thread up for days.)

If in actuality it was a telephone pole at one time, I'd say it is a trim section from a Class 5 or higher.

Much too thick for a fence post or fence pole...and no I am not gonna get into thickness
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I think I am now suffering from POST traumatic stress. So if i may "post" a the form of a we define things for what they are now or for the purpose they/it are serving? Is a post now a post if it is serving as a post?? Or is it really a pole, cause it WAS a pole.... Hope I'm not diveriting the thread too much by taking my Poll... "piling" on here....

For years we went to the World Lumberjack Championships in Hayward WI and watched some of the best international competition that can be found without any "glitz-n-glamor". It was a yearly family vacation. I've always thought that climbing and descending a 90' pole (about a 9 story building) in ~20 seconds may be most athletic feats that there is. Just the thought brings back memories of those "simple", yet unforgettable family trips. For those unfamiliar with the sport click HERE
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