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Good luck this week to the three teams with IL kids on the rosters: Bo Jackson Midwest, Cangelosi Baseball, and Midwest Blazers. Many of us here will be pulling for you and wishing you well.

Why isn't this tournament televised?

By the way, if there are other teams with IL kids, please let me know so I can follow them as well.

Good luck guys.

Mike F
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St Louis Pirates roster for Jupiter

Name Position Height Weight Bats Throws Grad HighSchool
Alexander, Brandon OF P 6-1 175 L L 2009 Oakville
Belew, Alex P 6-2 190 R L 2009 Fort Zumwalt West
Borgschulte, Matt OF P 6-2 177 R R 2009 Parkway Central
Conley, Nick P 3B 6-0 160 L R 2009 Francis Howell North
Flett, Andy P 6-7 185 R R 2009 Lindbergh
Gibbs, John MIF P 6-1 165 R R 2009 Walton
Higgs, Cody OF C/MIF 6-2 160 S R 2009 Lindbergh
Huck, Ryan C 1B 6-5 240 R R 2009 Oakville
Maggio, Zach SS 2B 5-10 155 R R 2009 Edwardsville
Mullins, David P 5-11 170 S L 2009 Desmet
Powers, Jake P 5-10 155 L R 2009 Francis Howell Central
Richardson, Ryan SS 2B 5-11 175 R R 2009 Parkway North
Schaeffer, Tony P 1B/OF 6-2 165 L L 2009 Carlyle (IL)
Strauss, Lee 1B OF 6-3 190 R R 2009 CBC
Tindall, Nick C OF 6-4 190 R R 2009 O'Fallon (IL)
Zellers, Zac OF MIF 5-11 170 R R 2009 Rockwood Summit
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BaseballWebTV is putting highlights up on their site during the tourney. I found this link in the General forum:

On page 3 there is a highlight play by Bo Jackson Midwest's 2B. Anyone we know?

Another highlight on page 5 when the Bo Jackson team's CF dives but can't get the ball...but watch what happens at home plate.

There are several highlights from the White Sox scout team...are those players from IL?

Any other players you know in these highlights?

were you going to tell me Milroy was in the scout league? The earlier post in another thread stated they were combining teams with players in the scout league so I figured there would be a bunch of kids from the scout league on the Bo Jackson team. My impression was it would be mainly Illinois kids. like I said, maybe that was misinformation on here that I read.

Milroy played with them all fall. Again, you dont have any substance behind anything you post. Why do you?

The team is a mixture of Cangy guys with midwest redbirds, and grand rapids diamonds. Redbirds are run by brian hopkins who is a midwest scout for the St. Louis Cardinals. The Diamonds are run by Billy Peterson out of michigan.

What do you do for a living? and how are you able to get on this website so much?
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Coach Steeley:

Milroy played with them all fall. Again, you dont have any substance behind anything you post. Why do you?

The team is a mixture of Cangy guys with midwest redbirds, and grand rapids diamonds. Redbirds are run by brian hopkins who is a midwest scout for the St. Louis Cardinals. The Diamonds are run by Billy Peterson out of michigan.

What do you do for a living? and how are you able to get on this website so much?[/QUOTE

Carefull, Coach! He's a slippery one, that guy...
They brought 3 teams to the Kernels foundation and he wasn't on any one of the rosters. Milroy did play in the scout league, so I figured they just picked him up and brought him to florida. If you say he played with them all fall then he probably did, I know for a fact he didn't play with them last year.

There's a little substance behind that I would say and I asked a question. You answered it, why do you continue to try to discredit things I say, why do you take everything I say as an attack on you or your organization. There's plenty of guys on here that post alot more than I do, did you ask all them what they do for a living? I like checking the site when I have time and seeing what people are talking about, it's fun to me. I don't care who the team is consisting of, I read they MIGHT combine teams with the scout league. I wondered if that happened and expressed how I thought it would be mostly IL kids going, since they are the only team from IL. We expressed how there's a ton of talent in ILLinois in the past. What are you so defensive about all the time? Relax, i'm not the bad guy just asking questions.

I do not belong to any organizations, I just know the ones that are doing things ethically right and have kids best interests at heart.

I dont try to discredit you, I think you discredit yourself by not having any basis or substance behind your statements, yet blanketing them as fact and instigating arguments.

Nothing would be wrong with debating but I dont think you want that. You would rather raise peoples blood pressure by stirring the pot.

It doesnt make me defensive, just reveals your insecurities.

I am sure you will have a brilliant response for me. So fire away
STEELEY, Come on don't belong to any organization? You were a Sparks guy on here last year? Get real.. They have a history of stealing players through the use of their FREE Invite to Jupiter although they did not qualify by winning anything. Then PG magically placing top area palyers on their team for Jupiter. Then somehow the players end up playing for them next year. If your gonna walk the walk and talk the talk?
Sticking to your line of thinking, I would think our Sox/Cubs would love to be there right now but they obviously didn't EARN it. Even more importantly is to keep the intergrity of the coveted tournament as you say? I agree most teams and players would probably like to be there but again MOST have to EARN it, they don't get a free bid.The best things in life are not always FREE

Does anyone appreciate the accomplishment?

Tuz – quote;
Cangy: 3-0 advance to sweet 16 play
Bo: 2-1
Big Bill is at it again! Congrats!
Looks like a lot of great baseball! 3 games scoring 26 runs v.s 6 against – not bad boys!
Good-Luck to Cangy Baseball and the boys – GET-SOME!
If anyone is down there – please keep us posted (thanks in advance).

Team Info:
Bo Jackson Midwest
Head Coach : Bill Copp
Assistant Coach(s) : Brian Hopkins, Billy Peterson, Chris Estep, Jay Lehr
Augenstein, Ben, P, 6-2, 210, R/ R, (B/T) 2009, Sebastian
Bagoly, Jason, C - 1B, 6-4, 230, R/R, 2009, Austintown Fitch HS
Biggs, Josh, 1B – P, 6-3, 185, R/L, 2009, Wahsington Township
Chittenden, Alex , MIF – P, 6-0, 165, R/R, 2010, Lawrence Central
Clarkson, Jarred, OF, 6-2, 180, R/R, 2009, Shelby County
Dennis, Derrick , MIF, 6-3, 180, R/R, 2009, Forest Hills Central
Gordon, Alex, P - Util ., 6-0, 190, R/R, 2009, Carmel
Greening, Chase, P, 6-3, 190, R/R , 2009, Lufkin HS
Hall, Korey , OF, 6-1, 200, R/ R, 2010, St. Marys HS
Johnson, Kevin, P, 6-3, 175, R/R, 2009, Mt. Carmel
Kamradt, Max, P, 5-11, 170, R/R, 2010, Morning Star
Kime, Dace, P, 6-4, 200, R/R, 2010, Defiance HS
Maldonado, Anthony , 3B - MIF, 6-1, 172 R/R, 2009, Oak Park River Forest
Mejias, Alving, P, 6-2, 192, R/R, 2009, Santa Angela HS
Miglin, James P C/1B 6-3 197 S R 2010 Warsaw Community
Milroy, Matt P OF 6-2 180 L R 2009 Marmion Academy
Palmer, Ricky C 6-0 170 R R 2009 Brother Rice
Pearson, Chris C 6-1 190 R R 2009 Center Grove
Ringo, Justin 1B OF 6-1 200 L L 2009 Amos Alonzo Stagg
Roache, Victor OF 6-1 200 R R 2009 Lincoln HS
Schuch, Bob OF 1B/Util 6-3 195 R R 2009 Brother Rice
Wallace, Clay P OF 6-0 180 R R 2010 Zionsville

Cangelosi Baseball '09
Head Coach : Bill Copp & Dave Payton
Andres, Anthony, P – OF, 6-0, 175, L/L, 2010, St. Rita
Baldwin, Brian, P - 1B, 6-5, 215, R/R, 2010, Brother Rice
Dalporto, Steve, MIF - 3B, 5-10, 170, R/R, 2009, Nazareth
Gannon, Pat, P, 5-11, 160, R/L, 2009, Brother Rice
Gates, Kevin, P, 6-0, 175, R/R, 2009, Chesterton
Highland, Matt, OF – MIF, 5-11, 165, L/R, 2009, Herscher
Hohl, Brandon, 3B – MIF, 6-1, 185, R/R, 2009, Lincoln-Way East
Hollenbeck, Mike, C, 6-2, 200, L/R, 2010, Joliet Township
Huenecke, Dan, P, 6-3, 185, R/R, 2009, Palatine
Kaminska, Pat, P, 6-3, 210, R/R, 2009, Naperville Central HS
Kane, Mike, OF - 1B, 5-11, 190, R/R, 2009, Notre Dame HS for Men
Kopale, Justin, MIF - 3B, 6-3, 185, R/R, 2009, St. Rita
Krowlikowski, Brian, P, 6-3, 225, R/R, 2009, Batavia HS
Mottashed, Luke, C, 2B, 5-9, 175, L/R, 2009, Cary Grove
Murphy, Jack, C – P, 5-11, 180, R/R, 2009, Oak Forest
Naumann, Jake, P, 6-2, 190, L/R, 2009, Naperville North
Payton, Mark , OF – P, 5-8, 160, L/L, 2010, St Rita
Picchiotti, Sam, MIF – OF, 5-9, 165, R/R, 2009, Oak Park River Forest
Savas, Chris, 3- 1B, 6-0, 195, R/R, 2009, Willowbrook
Shearrow, Luke, P, 6-3, 185, R/R, 2009, Rockford Boylan
Stopka, Don, 1B - 3B, 6-1, 195, R/R, 2009, Carmel Catholic
Suarez, David, P - 3B, 5-10, 170, L/R, 2010, Lasalle Peru
White, Charlie, OF – P, 5-9, 150, L/L, 2010, Naperville North

With the regiment of Sparks guys all over this thread, maybe we can finally get an answer that's been asked a few times and by a few different posters. Can anyone tell me where the 2008 Illiana Sectional in the Connie Mack WS was played, and who the Sparks beat to move on to Michigan? It seems like a very simple, direct question but it has never been answered.
Originally posted by Coach Steeley:
Originally posted by Tuzigoot:
Cangy finished 4-0 ....

Too bad they didn't "earn" it.

Whats that mean?[/QUOTE]

Coach Steeley,

Don't sweat this garbage, I can imagine it would be easy to take personal. Some players, never get over their jealousies and insecerities. Just keep doing what your doing. Your players and their parents say enough nice things to hang your hat on.

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