I know it's been said to know the pond you're fishing in, and basing that on who is responding and/or contacting you.

My 2020 RHP has been in pretty consistent contact with several D1s. Mostly lower, but also a mid major and some interest form an ACC school.

After his teams first showcase this weekend that had a few D1s, and many D2s and D3s, he has had D2 and D3s reach out. Is this the normal time for D2s and D3s to reach out? Because we're getting later in the game is it normal for a wider range of schools to make contact?

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Exciting times..in a sick way, I kinda miss it! 

I believe all levels are in play at this time.  The interest is great, still may take a few weeks for the offers to roll in, so don't lose faith.  If coaches are texting, it's a good sign, but they'll probably want to see him on multiple occasions. Good luck!

In general terms, yes.   Most of the D1s have their 2020 recruits and are moving forward.  Like your son, my son got late recruiting interest from an SEC school.   As it turned out one of their SEC recruits had trouble with the law and the law won.  My son had been seen many times by the SEC RC as they recruited his travel battery mate, so it was a late offer (no athletic $ but significant academic $) by their timetable.  My son did his due diligence on the offer.   While that was going on most of the activity (in June)  was private D1 mid-majors ($$$$), Ivys, Patriot league schools which had major financial and major academic hurdles to understand and overcome.   None the less we kept forging on and the D3 activity picked up significantly in the summer.   As God as my witness, I believe we talked to every D3 school across the country with an engineering degree.  

Looking back....It didn't take long to understand what coaches genuinely wanted him and what coaches were treating him as an afterthought.  Understand "the pond", what motivates coaches, and what leverage your son has either through athletics or academics or both.   Apply that leverage to the right situation.  

Good luck!  

Thanks all. To clarify, my 2020 is not an SEC or ACC prospect. The one ACC school is a long shot I would say, but they are coming to see him this weekend.The D1s that he's been talking to are smaller private D1s who's class's are not full. Most seemed to start expressing interest once the HS season was over and their season's were done.

My son committed in July of his rising senior summer after being contacted and being followed for a good 18 months by several D1 schools. This is prime time for uncommitted 2020s - the talented ones that are still uncommitted will get snatched up with the right exposure and work on your son's end in terms of e-mailing coaches. If D1s have kicked the tires do not think that the D1 opportunity is over...it's not. The most sage advice I received on these boards was that high school ballplayers have to work/grind for an offer. Whether it is D1, D2, D3, etc. When that first/second offer comes, that's when recruiters that have been following your son have to make a decision. Enjoy this time - it may seem stressful but it's the fruits of your son's hard work...whatever the college level he ends up at.    

nycdad posted:

Thanks all. To clarify, my 2020 is not an SEC or ACC prospect. The one ACC school is a long shot I would say, but they are coming to see him this weekend.The D1s that he's been talking to are smaller private D1s who's class's are not full. Most seemed to start expressing interest once the HS season was over and their season's were done.

Plenty of D1s still looking to add most of their class in the next month or so. I just looked up 5 different mid major tournament teams and none have more than 5 guys committed. Four had only 3, and those are tournament teams. 

I would say hold off on the D2/3s until the D1 interest fades or that is the route he decides he wants to take. Many are looking to scoop up D1 caliber players who are maybe a little impatient and just want to commit somewhere. You have time on the D2/D3 end. 

What you need to make sure to do is put the pressure on other schools once you get an offer. Most won't offer until they have to. I know it is jumping the gun a little, but when schools ask who you're talking to, make sure to let them know. It forces them to act. 

I don't think D2/D3 coaches invest much time in underclassmen because 9 out of 10 kids will take a D1 offer (almost any D1 offer, including preferred walk-on) before committing to a D2/D3. So, their summers are focused on rising seniors who haven't committed yet. If the kid is still talking to D1s, all the better because at least half of those kids won't end up at the D1s they're talking to.

The Summer leading into Senior year is crunch time for the non-Power 5 D1s, and D2s and the D3's are reaching out hoping to land some of that talent but recognize they are typically going to have to wait until the Fall admissions process plays out before they get firm commitments.  Some kids will commit to D3s now if that is truly their choice, but without sports money and the need to figure out academic money closer to admission time, the D3s will usually wait if they want a kid bad enough.

Your son sounds similar to my 2017 who was getting some interest from the lower D1s and D2s.  As others have said, your son needs to keep all of his options open unless he finds that perfect fit of baseball opportunity, academic interest match and financial fit.  And it is true, once he mentions there is other interest from a higher level or a strong competitor that he is talking to, it is amazing how much the interest picks up. 

And not to be critical, but the reality is the D2 and D3 coaches may be viewing your son as being in that pond for them based on what they have seen.  My son finally figured it out and realized the D1 "dream" may be a mirage for kids who will never get to play and just ride the pine.  D2 and D3 Coaches will push hard the idea of being one of the key players for their team (maybe as early as Freshman year) versus what the opportunity would be at the D1s.  One D3 coach seriously said something to the effect that the D1 key players who will be starting/playing were locked up back in their Sophomore and early Junior years.  He was probably right and it definitely had my son thinking.  He is now much happier and much better off in D2 than some of his fellow league players who signed up with lower level D1 teams and are already back in JUCO looking for another opportunity.  They wound up in the wrong pond.

Good luck--this is the most exciting time for you and your son.  From now till the end of the year it will be anxiously waiting to hear back from coaches and planning visits.

D1's are actively recruiting 2020's.  There are some D1's that still don't even have a 2020 commit.  We had four D1's following us around Lakepoint this weekend.  Multiple kids received offers.  Go look at all of the 2020's on PG that committed within the last week.  It's over 20 and some to schools like TCU, Oregon St, Sam Houston St, Cincy.     

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