One big difference for me between HS and college ball is my preparation on my start days. In HS, my prep for starts would be basically listen to some music, lax ball my shoulder,bands, and some static stretches, and then right into throwing. After only one full year of college ball and currently in my second fall, my routine has progressed into a full body warmup that starts 1:30 before game time. I will outline it below. If you have any questions on why I do what I do, do not hesitate to ask! Everything has purpose!

It starts with my music, before anything else I like to listen the same playlist that I use just for pre warmup. I listen to it for about 30 mins

Once it’s time for me to start my warmup, I switch it to my “KILLMODE” playlist which gets me into that stone cold killer mentality. 

I start with foam rolling my lower body and back, then lax balling and theragunning my arm/shoulder. Then, I voodoo floss my ankles, calves, and quads. After that I do RPR, which is basically a series self-muscle activation rubs you do on yourself. After that I move do my correctives/movements. They are basically a series of movements that open up ranges of motion and muscles that are used in the pitching motion i.e. core activation, t spine mobility, scapular upward rotation, ankle mobility. After the movements, I do my dynamic warm-up. It depends on the day what I do. If it’s cold, I do more cardio based stuff to get more blood flow but if it’s hot, I do movement pattern stuff that relates to the pitching motion. After the dynamic warmup, I do a few med balls drills to work on lower half patterning and warming the upper half rotation. Once I’m done with the med balls, I do my j band routine, driveline wrist weights, and shoulder tube. Now I’m ready start my plyo throws. I do reverse throws, pivot picks, roll-ins, a rocker variation, and walking wind ups. After plyos, I’m ready to long toss. This is where my headphones come off. I start with tossing 11, 9, and 7oz balls out to ~120ft then a throw a real baseball. I long toss out to my max distance which is ~340ft. On my way back in I make about 5 throws on a line at max intent. Once I get to 100ft I make 2-3 max intent throws with a 4oz ball to feel an increased arm speed. After that, I rest for 3-5 mins and go into my pre game bullpen. I make about 20-25 pitches in the bullpen and then I’m ready to go out. 


I’d love to see yall’s pregame routine, feel free to comment! 


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That’s a very comprehensive routine. Most HS pitchers have not a clue how to warm up properly before a game. College is usually where the smart guys figure it out. I will resist temptation to make old man commentary about your music selections. However, I would advise against long toss in excess of 120’. Anytime you extend beyond that distance you are changing your release point (and probably dropping your elbow) in order to increase the carry of the ball. When that occurs you are now practicing a motion that you won’t take to the game mound. I’m also not crazy about throwing 120’ with an 11oz ball. Be careful with that. I would recommend that you only throw that distance with the 7 oz ball. And not very many throws. Just my opinion. 

I don’t throw the 11oz 120ft, I should have been more clear about that. Here’s my routine:

11oz “feet in concrete” ~30-45ft

9oz ~45-75ft

7oz 75-120ft

All the weighted ball throws are made a low intent, focusing on keep a tight arm path 

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