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Coach: I'm from Lafayette and if you've never dined in South Louisiana you're in for a treat. I suggest Prejean's restaurant north of Lafayette on Interstate 49, Shucks oyster bar and restaurant south of Lafayette in the little town of Abbeville, for boiled crawfish (which will be in season for the opener, I'd suggest Gator Cove just south of the airport on Interstate 49/Evangeline Thruway or Dwights on Johnston Street or Richards (pronounced ree- shards)in Abbeville. There is also Randall's located on Kaliste Saloom Road that has great seafood, a cajun band and dancing. Lafonda restaurant has very potent margarita's and good tex mex food and is located on Johnston street about 5 minutes from the ballpark. For burgers try Judice Inn also located on Johnson Street about 3 minutes from the ballpark.

Lafayette has one airport and there are plenty of new hotels sprouting up. I'd suggest the Hilton on Pinhook Road or any hotel on Ambassador Caffery Road. All of these hotels are no more than 10-15 minutes from the ball park, depending on traffic. A new hotel is being built right across from the ballpark on Congress Street, but I don't know if it will be open in time for your trip.

Lafayette is also home to one of the top health clubs in the world. It's called Reds and is about the size of a square city block. I can get you a guest membership for the time you are in Lafayette. You could spend a week in Reds and not be bored. It's also about 5 minutes from the ballpark. Hope you enjoy yourself. Give me a call when you get in Lafayette. Jason Robideaux (337) 349-0974 cell.

PS. I've got a 16 year old going to the PG National Underclass showcase in late December - if you're around there look me up.

Garse knows best! I concur on Prejeans, LaFonda and Judice Inn..."still no frys", and also give two thumbs up to The Blue Dog Cafe for excellent casual South LA cuisine, fairly close to the ball park. I have been a dozen times and always had excellent food and service. Speaking of the park, make sure you try the fried catfish and shrimp, next to the beer stand. ..excellent!

Airports: You can fly to Lafayette, 10 minutes to campus, and will most likely need to change planes, or you can probably fly direct from most big airports to Baton Rouge 50 miles east or New Orleans 100 miles east.

Hotels: I like the LaQuinta (big suites) next door to the Blue Dog on West Pinhook Ave., the Travel Lodge next to LaQuinta or the Hilton (the visiting teams stayed there) a little down the street also on Pinhook, its all close to the park. There is a Hilton Garden Inn adjacent the campus that opened recently.

You will probably meet some of the most friendly folk there. If I go, I'll find you and get you in a big old Cajun tailgate Saturday AM. It's too bad your first college roadie is to ULL. You'll be spoiled the rest of the way. Smile

Laisser Bon Temp Rouler! Geaux Cajuns!!!!!!!
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