Out of curiousity, I'm wondering if anyone here has observed a "minimum velocity" for a HS senior RHP to get drafted in a late round.
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PitcherMomx2, Does your son have things in order for college? Are the grades good? taken the SAT? Has he been approached by college coaches? If so, has he been offered a scholarship? This is much more important than thinking about being a late round draft choice.

Did your son go to any showcases where he would have been seen by pro scouts and college coaches?
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bbscout is correct.

But I know a kid just like that boy that was 90+ by the time he was a senior and just signed for more than $1,000,000.

He had things in order for college, good grades, took the SAT and was approached by college coaches.

Go to a Perfect Game showcase in your area and get your high school coach to introduce him to an area scout to see if he can get an invite to the local Area Code Games tryouts.
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Ignore my last post …….. it is a private joke! Smile

I also am not qualified to answer your question which I think is a very good one. There are so many variable in this equation (you mention a few) that it would be difficult to get an accurate answer. Having said that, I also know topics about velocity tend to generates a lot of dialogue.
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Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.
From the description, it sounds like your son has the physical attributes necessary to someday be "projectable" as they call it. The only negative would be that he is not a lefty, but I wouldn't worry about that. Maddox did well by getting batters out with a variety of pitches. I think the bottom line is that you must shutdown the batters and do it consistently to be noticed. I've seen high school pitchers that only threw in the 80's that had many scouts at every game. I personnaly would not worry so much about the magic number "90" and getting drafted out of hs but more about a good college for academics and a place to play baseball. The rest will take care of itself. Hope this helps!

Knowledge is Power! Thank you Mavens and HSBBWEB!
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Thank you for the responses. BBscout, good question, and yes, he does have things in order for college. He went to one showcase and a few college camps and then made a list of schools with good baseball programs that seemed like possible matches. Then he chose a D3 from that list based mostly on the school, not baseball. But they have a good baseball program and the coaches have said they want him. He has never written letters to other college coaches and is happy with his D3 choice, has been accepted by Admissions, etc.

He has been called projectable and other positive comments about his body type and potential by a couple of pro baseball people and a D1 coach, but at his previous velocity in the 70s he did not attract serious interest from D1 colleges or pro scouts. I think the draft is still unlikely to involve him in the near future, but I was just curious. He will hopefully continue to develop in college and have some opportunities in a few years.

Thanks again.
We have been visited by ML scouts over the past month and I have to tell you, I don't think they could even answer your question.
My son is 6'3", still growing, 190 and still looks like a baby. His projectability, velocity, variety of pitches and loose arm is what has attracted them. His main obstacle is the fact that he has signed with a top ranked D1. Might give him leverage.
So what I gather is that while he might go 3rd, 4th, 5th round, he may just as well go 20th, 21st, etc. Why? There are soooo many RHP in his class that he needs to have that extra special something (and if anyone can figure that out let me know).
In the later rounds it is possible (so they tell me) to have all the above attributes with room to move up on velocity. Scouts know that a player that may never make the BIG SHOW might jump at a chance (and go for the later rounds) to play pro ball on a smaller scale and take them up on the scholarship program later on.
You just never know until the day of the draft.
If your son has collge set and wants to go into the draft, by all means try to have him seen before it happens.
Sent you a PM.

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