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OC Angels-2
Lexington Legends-0---------OC Angels

OC Dawgs-5
Midland Oh Braves-2---------OC Dawgs

Twitty City
Niles Braves--------------Twitty City

Dallas Tigers-10
Puerto Rico-1---------------Dallas Tigers

McKinney Mavericks
Long Island Titans--------McKinney Mavericks

sorry panther......brain freeze......score was right though...thanks for bringing to my attention
Sorry about the updates. Lack of volunteers, too much to do, and SBC jacked up our DSL order.

Round 2

OC Angels 6
Twitty City Heat 0 in 8 innings. Was 0-0 after 7.

Mavericks 3
OC Dawgs 7

LI Titans 6
Niles Braves 3

Puerto Rico 2
Midland 4

Dallas Tigers 4
Lexington 1

Round 3 - Friday (all games at Al Alford Field)

Dallas Tigers v. OC Dawgs @ 2:00 pm

LI Titans v. Midland Braves @ 5:00 pm

Mavericks v. Twitty City Heat @ 8:00 pm

Good ball games.
Friday's Results - Round three

Dallas Tigers 10
OC Dawgs 2

LI Titans 8
Midland Braves 7

Twitty City 10
Mavericks 2

Saturday - Fourth Round

LI Titans - bye

Dallas Tigers v. Twitty City Heat @ 11:00 a.m.

OC Angels v. OC Dawgs @ 2:00 p.m.

Will have to see what shakes out. Dallas has a strong team as you all know. They have had multiple weather delays and then drew the early time slot for tomorrow. Tough luck but they are handling it all well.
I have seen 4 games now and IMO, this field of teams is relatively weak. Not taking anything away from the Tigers as I think they are the most talentd and strongest team in the tournament. Unless something strange happens, they should take the title.

Is it just me or is the competition getting weaker each year. Seems like 5-6 years ago, all teams were relatively strong.
NTXFan -- the state and regional tournaments were weaker than in past years too. In Texas, it seems Premier baseball is impacting participation in AABC. It may be drawing teams in a few other parts of the country as well. A lot of competition for the best teams in each age group. Having said that, the Tigers played good competition and made a few nice guest pickups to get to McKinney -- and they certainly appear to be the cream of the crop in 16U.
I have to agree with the guy from Houston. I don't think that the teams are necessarily weaker this year. I think the Tiger team is a very good one along with the other Dallas area teams that were eliminated in Houston. When you look at the talent of the guest pickups that the Tigers have been able to get I feel they could compete with most any 16 year old team in the country, considering that they were already very good prior to the additions.

IMO the talent in the North Texas area in this age group is particularly strong. Sometimes that makes other teams from other areas not look as talented.

Go Tigers!!
honest & unbiased,

I think NTXFan's point (and mine as well) is that the FIELDS were weaker, which is not meant to denigrate the Tigers, Dodgers, DBAT, or anyone else. It is my impression that these three teams are the best 16U teams around....a shame that only one made it to McKinney -- oops, didn't mean to bring up the failed WS qualifier again! But...the best Austin and Houston teams played in San Antonio and Joplin, along with at least one of the better KC groups -- and one could make an argument that the best Mustang 16U team was also absent from AABC. I'm not saying that any of these teams would have beaten the Tigers, but the tournaments would have been more difficult and you never know with the AABC format.

Congratulations to your son -- it looks like he is making a significant contribution this week.
I agree that if we had more Dallas or Texas teams then it could be better. Last year was one of the best series yet IMO. As far as the qualifier, it was here for people to enter. Just didn't have enough interest to make. We had four fields ready to go and had to pull the plug with only 8 teams.

You would have gotten the teams if you had not jacked up the price. At $1000 for a 3 game guarantee and only one team coming out of each pool the qualifier was deemed a rip off and therefore did not make.

The Ohio qualifier charged $600 and the top two teams from each pool advanced.

Next time, don't get greedy.
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Qualifying Tournament:

First.......get the facts straight.

It was not a 3 game guarantee. It was a 24 team tournament with four pools, which gives a 5 game guarantee. This information was on our website (24 teams / 4 pools). It was also provided to BBI and Lone Star (Thanks Richard and Sam.) All of the feed back we received, along with the teams that we had waiting to get in last year indicated we could easily make a 24 team bracket and raise the price to hopefully cover expenses, while keeping the average cost per game the same. It's a situation of going with the information that you have looked for, asked for, and received.

It's not a situation of being greedy. Expenses are $100 per game for umpires, plus $60 per game field usage charge. Now throw in baseballs. In addition, each team that won the qualifying tournament was eligible for up to $6,000 in reimbursement for travel expenses. Do the math.

The Ohio qualifier and the California qualifier had to submit $6,000 to the AABC National Office to cover expenses for their winning teams that traveled to McKinney. While I have not yet had the chance to speak with the people that held the other qualifying tournaments, I would think that they would have to have some sponsorship money behind them to keep the cost at $600 per team and still provide everything. We did not.

We spend approximately $60,000 per year for the MMWS. Things that we provide to players/coaches from more than 100 miles away are air fare, transportation to/from the airport, hotels, meal allowances, rental vans, dinner for coaches/players during the skills challenge, engraved key chains for players & coaches, along with other small momentos. We allow the fans, young and older, to keep foul balls during the games as well. Many, many other expenses.

Even though the Dallas teams don't qualify for travel expenses due to the guidelines that MBTI set up in 1995, we were going to help defray some of the costs in 2005 by using money from the qualifier if a Dallas team qualified. Not saying that we would give them $6,000, but we had planned to help. If a team from Houston won, then we would be required to pay $6,000 to the AABC National Office so that they could reimburse them.

We also make improvements to the field. In the last year MBTI has painted the outfield fence, recovered the pads on the backstop, placed a slab requiring 11 yards of concrete(Thanks, Ken) for use during the MMWS and MHS baseball season, and refurbished all of the dirt areas.

We try our best to put on the best tournament that we can. Each year it gets better. Our #1 goal is for these kids to come to McKinney, play a high level of baseball on a nice field, have a great time, and remember it for a long, long time.

We have tried to get coverage in the Dallas Morning News, Fox 4, WFAA, WBAP and KRLD with no luck. (Perhaps someone can help us in the future?) Maybe we can get them to delay the start of Cowboys training camp.

Here is my suggestion: If you think that there is a problem, then don't just complain about provide a solution. Better yet, instead of just giving suggestions, come help us to make things better. My father told me that if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. He also told me many other things that I cannot put on this board. For those of you who knew Lindsey Gunter, you know what I'm talking about.

I have rambled long enough. I am dog tired and ready to spend some time with my own family, as are many other people here trying to make it better for these kids. I am not as young as I use to be (or as skinny) and these 20 hour days for the last week are kicking my behind. I am not complaining because I choose to do this because people did it for me when I played (a long time ago.)

To all of you that have been up to visit and complimented us on our efforts, THANK YOU. A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and volunteers: Joe, Jacky, Frank, Jimmy, Rodney, Tami, Sharon, Kathy, Lena, Heather, Rocky, Eddie, Stephen, Terri, Mike, Shelley and Dr. Bill, Tom, bj, umpires, and so many others. I apologize for leaving anyone out.

Thanks to Linty Ingram, Gary Fitzgerald, and Tommy Hernandez for being a bunch of good guys, as well as the other coaches here during the MMWS. They have all been great.

We are taking notes and hope to make things better in the future. If I have offended you........ adjust. I'm too tired to care. These are MY thoughts and do not represent the thoughts of the MMWS Committee.

Remember, Dallas Tigers v. Orange County Angels at 2:00 p.m. *** FREE ADMISSION ***


David Gunter
(fat guy in the blue shirt)
I think you guys do a great job in McKinney with this event -- no question. My only comment on the qualifier, until now, was that it is sad that one of the top ten 16U teams in the country is sitting home, rather than competing. Having said that, our 15U team planned to play in the qualifier until it was cancelled. Whether or not our organization had entered us -- I don't know.

In any case, let's get it right in 2006 <-- message to all, not directed to you. This year's teams may not care so much Smile but some do -- the motivation to skip a week in Houston is enough! I'M KIDDING!

Congratulations on another great MMWS -- bring it home, Tigers!

Suggestions -- stream the video, find a volunteer webmaster, and and fire the Indian rain maker?
Panther Dad,
I never thought you took anything away from the Tigers, Dbat, Dodgers, or anyone else. Your posts are always respectfull of the kids and teams.

My main point is that anywhere you go there are some weaker teams and some stronger teams whether you are at Perfect Game, Junior Olympics, Premier, AAU, and the others. Typically (not in all cases) the stronger teams come from the warmer baseball states(texas, florida, georgia, california, etc.)

The whole setup and qualification process for AABC is what makes it so difficult. We have teams such as DBAT 16's, Dallas Dodgers, Worthams Mustangs, etc. which are very good teams that didn't make it. These teams could compete in any world series or tournament championship they chose but were eliminated from AABC at regionals and state. I would think that there were some pretty good teams eliminated at other regionals around the country as well.

IMO I think when you go to a WWBA event or an event such as the Junior Olympics you have a higher number of quality teams participating at that one event but the percentage of quality teams as compared to the number of teams at the event is not any higher. If you look at AABC as one event as a whole from the various State Tournaments, Regionals, and finally thru the World Series I think the field was still quite strong.

We all have opinions on which sactions are better, but I think that should be a discussion on another thread.
Somehow Ohio managed to put on a qualifier (thus sending two teams) by charging just $600 and allowing two teams to advance from each pool. McKinney wanted $1000 with only one team advancing from each pool. Failure to attract enough teams at that rate ended up costing another Texas team a chance to play in the MMWS. No matter how you slice it, that is a shame.

You want a solution? Lower the price and change the format to give more teams an opportunity.
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Again, you have the facts wrong. Ohio did not send two teams. Lexington, KY won the qualifier. Midland Braves are from Ohio.

Like I stated earlier, do the math. Our expenses are at least $170 per game. With 24 teams at $1000, each team would have at least 5 games. As I also stated earlier, it would appear that the qualifying tournaments must have had a sponsor to cover the expenses and the additional expenses needed to provide travel for the qualifying team. Like I also stated earlier, I am not sure about that but will be talking to them.

Your solution is not a solution. It's a wish.

Since you are wanting us to lower the price and change the format, I suppose that means that you wish to fund these changes????????

All teams have the same opportunity. You must beat everyone else to win anyway. This is not outcome based education. The winner advances.

Here's a better solution: YOU put on the qualifying tournament and be prepared to fund the $6000 for a team from more than 100 miles to travel to McKinney.

At 5:30 p.m., it's Angels 3, Tigers 1 in the top of the 7th.
David Gunter
Ohio or KY -- what's the difference? They held an Ohio qualifier and two teams qualified as a result! I'm not going to argue your "fuzzy math" with you. It just seems odd that the other locations were able to find a way to hold qualifiers for less than $1000 a pop, and McKinney --- the host for the World Series --- could not figure it out. The bottomline is that the failure to hold a qualifier cost Texas another team in the series. Period.
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