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My family and I are planning a move to either the Austin or Houston areas. My 8th grade son is an avid player and wants to be involved in a quality program. We have an 8 year old son who loves the game as well. Any advice about good youth programs, summer/fall programs, and high schools would be appreciated. I have glanced through the Houston 5A baseball web site and realize quality programs in that area are plentiful. How about 4A schools? What about the Austin area? Thanks for the advice.
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Here's some more links that can help you:

1. Texas Education Agency, click "District Locator" at the top of the page. Look up the specific region your interested in.

2. Univ.Athletic League is the "governing body" for school sports. Here you can find specific 4A school listings & lots of other info.

3. Another select organization out of Pflugerville. Another Houston area select organization. Also, he has pony league teams,

Also, Randall, Lefty Dad, Glove Man are posters on here that can give you info , too.

Have fun looking!!!

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Around Austin you should check out (4A) Lake Travis if you want quality schools, quality athletic facilities, hills, lakes, golf (6 courses within 5 miles of the school) and a short commute into Austin.

I also would recommend Dripping Springs (4A) even though they are our biggest rival.

There are many other quality schools and programs in the area but I am just very partial to the hill country west of town.
Thanks for all the great information. I will spend hours, I am sure, looking through the websites mentioned. Any more opinions about 4A schools, youth programs, etc. would be welcomed. The info about Austin schools is especially apprecitaed (thanks 78704 and Wildcat Dad) since more info seems to be available online about Houston baseball.

Please keep the opinions coming. It is all very helpful in helping us make our decision. Thanks again so much.

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