Sons bag is pretty well spent. Searched forums and the last threads are a couple years old so thought I would throw it out there again.

Current bag is Gearguard E2 and has had it about 18 months. Zippers seem poor quality for cost. Course could be just this one bag as I see lots around.

Any other suggestions?
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I really like the All-Star BBPRO2. It is a solid bag and if I remember correctly, it wasn't too expensive. It has enough room for all my gear, including a hockey style and old style mask, 4 gloves and cleats. Plenty of room for bats on the side and it has pockets on the inside of the bag for batting gloves, drinks, etc.
Thanks for the recommendation. I really like that the zippers look like they are not under much pressure with the design.

Showed it to my son and he liked it so think we will try that one.

Price was good as well. Found it online for around fifty bucks which includes shipping.

Thanks again.
All-Star BBPRO2

I'm looking fora bag for my son also. Something that he can put his all of his gear in -catcher's gear, bating helmet, bats, 3 gloves.

We bought an Easton Synergy 2 and the size was good, but the bottom had no reinforcement. The bag had holes in the bottom after one weekend. He wasn't dragging the bottom on the ground when rolling it, it was only from a few scrapes hanging it up and putting it in the car (it's heavy for him with all of his gear)

So with that said, does anyone know of a roller bag that has enough room and a little extra reinforcement on bottom?
I had a Nike hockey bag. It was my "body bag" as teammates called it. At least one or two of them could have crawled up into it. Paid like $30 for it..

Fit everything and the kitchen sink.. Catchers gear, 5 gloves, helmet, 3 pairs of shoes, and normally sweatshirt, jacket, etc. And 2-3 bats.
Just a quick followup. He ended up picking up the All-Star BBPRO2 and just finished his first tourney with it.

Plenty big enough for gear, spikes, three gloves, three bats, etc.

High quality zippers which with the bag design are not under much pressure at all.

His first carry (no wheels) bag and he said he likes it.

I thought it was reasonably priced and would recommend this bag to anyone with a catcher.
Originally posted by Sugi:
The bag mentioned looks like what we need but I need one with wheels. Is All-Star planning to make one with wheels in the near future? Hoping All-Star Sporting Goods will reply. Mahalo.

We do! It's the BBPRO2-RB. Same bag as the BBPRO2 but with a solid hard bottom (for no sag) and wheels.

It's not on our website for some reason, but I will try and get it up by the end of the day.


Thank you very much for replying. I would also like to thank you for recommending your D30 wrist guard in a previous thread. We have purchased it as well as your batter's elbow guard and only wished we had bought it sooner. Keep up the good work and turning out excellent products.
Wanted to bump this one up as we have now used this bag for about five months two or three times per week.

This is a great bag. All zippers still look great and I inspected the bottom of it the other day because I was curious and not one pulled seam or hole in it.

My son's coach who is a minor leaguer commented to my son the other day that he had the same exact bag.

For catcher's bag price is great. Would recommend for anyone.
Any bag under 60 bucks is a 1 season bag at most. My son uses Synergy II by Easton and we use one bag per year. Buy it during winter when <$50.

However, main compartment zipper ends dying by end of season. Like the bag as can get 3 bats in bat compartment, catchers gear and batting helmet in main compartment, and 2 gloves in side compartment + small items in end pocket. Also, not traditional catcher's bag so has back-pack straps in addition to wheels for pulling.
Any bag under 60 bucks is a 1 season bag at most. My son uses Synergy II by Easton and we use one bag per year. Buy it during winter when <$50.

I had good luck with my bag. I think I had it for 3 or 4 years and paid $30 for it at Sports Authority. I had a Nike Hockey bag; just one big compartment and one end compartment..
The hockey bag is a good idea. Hadn't thought about that one.

Just one big open bag. BIG bag. HAppened to catch it at the end of the hockey season I think and got it on sale. The only way you knew it was a hockey bag was it said "Nike Hockey" on it...

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