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When I played my college's teams were called "The Fighting Missionaries."

Would have been very cool to play the Fighting Methodists. Another Holy War.

The name eventually gave way to our times, the fact that the school had not been religiously affiliated for over a hundred years, and the sheer impossibility of  displaying "Fighting Missionaries" on a jersey with anything bigger than a 10 point font.

When the college made the change, I lobbied for the "Roo Rats" which were a kind of Whitman tradition, shrouded in post-midnight, wheatfield secrecy honored primarily by students who were science majors of some type.

Now the wheatfields are vineyards, and the team is called the Blues.



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Sports. Entertainment. When it becomes something else I find other things to do. I think people today spend way too much time watching others do things. On the phone, on the computer, on the TV, etc. Maybe people need to do more and watch others less? Fishing, hiking, biking, boating, sailing, hunting, walking, horse back riding, camping, atv's, and a host of other things to do. Yes actually do. Sitting down and spending your day watching others play while having someone's politics shoved down your throat is not entertaining to me. It doesn't matter which direction those politics come from even though it appears the left is leading by a great margin.

When I sit down to watch a game I just want to be entertained. Period. Once I don't believe that can happen I simply move on. I have moved on. 


I'll go with : Cleveland Spiders (I'm a traditionalist, and they may have had better success as the spiders.)

Then I'll say: D.C. Monuments. Here the Redskins anticipate that the Nation's Capital city will remove Washington from its name (our first President is a villain now in 2020). Also the new football name preserves the name "monument" after many have been unlawfully defaced or torn down. 

Or D.C legislators: You can see the Legislators "in action" on the field and also watch the legislators "Inaction" on the Hill.

We have a late name nominee for the Redskins out of DC....the Possums.   Why the Possums you ask?  They play dead at home (see picture below) and get killed on the road.    Thank you, thank you very much.   I'll be here all week, and please tip your waiters and waitresses.  

Possum in yard - Austin

Seriously, this is a big deal in DC.   Dan Snyder had dug his heels on this topic since he bought the franchise 19 years ago.  They wanted him to change the name when he bought it.  He is being strong armed by business sponsors, govt, the NFL and others.   They are going to change the name without a doubt.  Snyder might be a meddling fool (his mentor is in Dallas) but he is not an idiot.   Full disclosure - the Redskins are the NFC team I follow, and I've gone to a many games over the years.     Redskins fans are excited because we have new organization and Head Coach.  Changing the name at this time makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons.


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So the new "Washington Football helmet is out.

Are you excited? Similar in bland to the Brown helmet. Having lived in the DC area for 6 years during their heyday (Joe Gibbs), I actually have a good name. Fans are rabid (especially before Nationals as it was lone team).

Most of the fans refer to the team in short as the name "Skins". The Big Offensive Line has been called the Hogs. Put it all together ("Skins" nickname, slang for football,  Hogs on the line-- you have the Washington Pigskins.



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