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I need your help with my decision. I have a baseball Scholarship offer from North Central (Gainsville) and one from Grayson Community College (Sherman/Denison). Who's the best coach to play for etc. fairness, direction, orgainization, talent, exposure? Sidenote: Coach Harp is taking over for Coach Darwin at NCTC. Both coaches seem very good. Coach Tadlock (GCC) has an outstanding record. If possible I would like to hear from ex-players.
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Scott Harp played HS Baseball at Duncanville and his dad is Jim Harp the former DBU coach. Scott has been at NCTC as an assistant for at least the last 5 years.

He is a quality man and runs a quality program.

fan43, you are right, one of my players transferred to Grayson and got the screws put to him. He may be the best pure talent that I have ever coached.
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I know both of these programs and coaches pretty well, and I believe they both do a great job! Every coach out there has had ex-players that did not like what happened to them. To use one or two examples to paint a broad stroke over Grayson and Tadlock is unfair IMO. His record, success rate, and his ability to place his players is exceptional. Only time will tell how Harp will do....but I wouldn't vote against him. These are two of the finest JC programs that the country has to offer!!!!
I believe its more than one or two examples. How many players did he place this season. I would hate to see Graysons team GPA this season. It would be horrible.Like I said before check and see how many players are comin back next season. Like I said when players don't come back after you go to the World Series something is bad wrong.

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