When I had researched this a few months ago, the most recent thread was from 2014, so I thought I would do an update after attending yesterday.   I was a huge fan of the PBR Futures Games a few years ago and think it is one of the best events my son did during recruitment.  The Super 60 was equally good.  It is by invitation and was only $60 to attend, but it is in Chicago and on Super Bowl Sunday at an indoor facility.  Attendees got shirt, pants, hat, shoe inserts and a custom Mizuno Glove that they created after registering and picked up at the event.  They said there were over 100 professional scouts in attendance, which I would say was true.  Very efficiently run. We arrived at 10:30 to register and we were out the door at 1:30.  I think the entire event was over by 3.  Very good, high pressure situation for kids.  Position players did the normal workouts, 60, OF, IF throws and hit.  Pitchers came later, did warm ups and threw a 20 pitch bullpen.  Every possible stat measuring tool was used.  I don't know if we get copies of that information or not, but plan to inquire.  Overall, if you are invited, I think the experience alone is well worth the attendance.


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Nice.  Thanks for sharing.  Was looking at the 'registered roster' last week and there are some impressive measurables with those in attendance.  I know measurables are not everything, but dang.  Those kids stand out

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The measurables are already up on PBR's website.

Does anyone know if the exit velo numbers are off of a tee, or hitting off of a pitch?

I think it was off pitches only because they were posting videos almost immediately after the BP and including exit velos.  I’m not positive.

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I think it was off pitches only because they were posting videos almost immediately after the BP and including exit velos.  I’m not positive though.

I would assume based on the posted times, some of which were 100mph+.  thx

I was following the coverage on Twitter and Instagram. That was cool to watch. My son and I were going through some of the players swings and breaking them down in slow motion to see what they were doing. If they were there, posting those type of numbers, they have to be doing something right. 

I would be surprised if these exit velo's were NOT taken off a tee. Most exit velo's PBR posts are off a tee although sometimes it's a metal bat and sometimes a wood bat. Lately I've seen a notation indicating that a wood bat was used (most PBR Pro Showcases are wood bat) but not always. I guess it depends of the state/region running the event. This is one reason I think PG's metrics are more accurate--they try to follow the same standard at all events.

Here is a link to the 2019 PG National workout results (which are sortable) from last summer's event in Phoenix, AZ.  Don't confused by the Tropicana Field reference in the title--for some reason it got changed (bad web design?) after they announced the 2020 event which WILL be hosted at Tropicana.


Quite a few of the same players who attended this past weekend were also there but there were MANY MORE at the PG event so I think you will find the exit velo's posted for the Super 60 are pretty typical given the selective nature of the event.


Every possible evaluative, analytical tool I've seen was being used.  Including Visual Edge, which I had to look up because I hadn't heard of it.  It was done very first rate and needed to be with all the scouts and levels of scouts attending.  This was a National event, so not run by a particular state.  My son attended the National last year as well and obviously doing a showcase on a pro field (and seeing your kid on the big screen!) was cool, but they were both top quality showcases.  The Super 60 did not have live scrimmages.

I just mentioned the lack of standards to point out the differences between the Super 60 and regular state-run PBR events. Sometimes you'll find that the small events are a bit different, such as gathering exit velocity during BP or not denoting that the event was wood bat vs. metal bat.

Certainly the Super 60 used all the latest metric gatherings tools but it is quite different from a regular local PBR event. But that's my point--it IS different.

The PG National Showcase gathers metrics the same way as it does in other PG showcases. That's why you if didn't have an opportunity to attend a National event like the PG National you would still have accurate metrics to compare yourself against. Not so with the Super 60 if metrics were collected differently. Laser timed 60's vs stopwatch, etc.. All PG 60's are laser timed.  I'm not saying advanced tools weren't used at the PG National (MLB scouts certainly had them) but the metrics posted are collected the same way as they are in regional events. For instance, the two people recording catcher velocity are standing in the same place (1st base side of pitcher's mound) using similar model radar guns. I've seen PBR collect the same metric from:

1. Behind the plate

2. Behind second base

3. An advanced device mounted between home and the mound in a direct line with second base (Super 60)

All three above can result in different metrics although I would say the Super 60's was the most accurate. You just can't really compare it to the other two collection types.

I know the Super 60 is a great event and it is well-run and uses great tools. The point of my earlier post was to show the sheer number of players that post similar or better numbers (many attended both events). That just shows how many talented players are out there! Not to mention the number of players that will "surface" later as can't-miss MLB prospects who never attended any showcase!

I would agree with that. I think our state has a well run PBR, but I’ve heard it’s not all equal.  

The level of talent now as opposed to 10 years ago is really night and day.  There are sooo many kids who are posting crazy stats.

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