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So my son's 16U team has played 3 PGBA events in Texas this summer and was signed up and paid for this weekend's DFW College Classic. I checked the PG site this morning to see if the schedule was out yet and noticed we're not on it anymore (we were there last night). I alert our head coach who calls the tournament director only to be told, "sorry, don't have room for you." No call or email proactively, we have to reach out to be told we've been screwed.  We've made hotel arrangements, I had to change business travel flights to make it and made arrangements to get kids up to Dallas. 

I realize we have little to no recourse for this weekend but is PG aware of this sort of behavior by the PGBA events?  PG is a premier organization but when they let other people/organizations use their logo, name and website, certainly they have an obligation to make sure the tournaments are organized and run in a manner consistent with how PG runs tournaments.  McDonald's doesn't let franchisee's run restaurants wildly-nilly - it harms their corporate Image. 

Thoughts on what, if anything to do? Does PG even care once they get their licensing fee from the PGBA tournament director?

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May not be in this case but often it is the team's fault and not the organizer. I speak from personal experience. After being told that my sons team was going to Atlanta to play in the big tourney, I came to find out that they didn't sign up in time, etc, etc. 

turned out fine for us as we were able to get hooked with another team but not so fine for others. 

I read the article about Ray. Not good.

I cant speak for PG but they do care about their brand and youth baseball in general. I will bet that if you go through the channels in a correct manner, you may get some positive results. I see that you don't have a lot of posts but a prominent member of PG does post on here often.  PGStaff. You may get better results by sending him a Private Message on here as opposed to calling PG out.


I did receive an email from someone in your organization.  I have been trying to gather more information.  We don't want teams out there thinking we screwed them.

I really think your approach is wrong.  If you have been "screwed" we will not stand for that.  However bringing up the Banditos and their owner is not the reason for your team not being in the tournament.  The Banditos play in nearly every event we hold nation wide.  Obviously they would get in this one.  And regarding the charges you spelled out, we have no control over what people do.  The Banditos always have a lot of talented players and our business revolves around talented players.  Until someone is proven guilty, we have no right to do anything.  That said, if proven guilty I imagine it would hurt that organization in the future.

We are not the law, the judge, or jury.  We hold baseball events.

Anyway, I am still trying to figure out what happened regarding your team.  

And that is what I thought would happen....your post responses became mostly about the other organization and how you called them/him out as opposed to about the 16u team problem you were having. 

I would HIGHLY recommend you delete your post and re-phrase your post as a question to PGStaff if he could please look into this...maybe over a private message.....have you met PGStaff, a.k.a. Jerry Ford, Founder of PG?  Good luck Free=Good.


I guess this is the only way to communicate with FREE=GOOD on this matter, so here is what I have found out.

The entry fee was not paid on time. So as of Sunday, the tournament director made out the schedule based on all the teams that had paid the entry fee. Schedules are usually produced a week before the event if not sooner.

We do understand that sometimes this is simply a mistake or miscommunication on the part of the team.  Anyway, based on the information we do have, we have talked to the tournament director and recommended we do everything possible to get this team in the tournament.  He, along with others on our tournament staff have said they are willing to get this done, though it will require a new schedule.  I'm hoping that the other teams involved don't complain about the revised schedule.  

So your organization will get a call, if not already, regarding all of this and be placed in the tournament.  Of course, all of this will be contingent on your team agreeing  to play.  If not, there is nothing else we can do and the schedule will remain as is.  And we apologize for any confusion.

If anyone ever has a problem with PG, please contact We do try to solve problems when ever possible as long as we know a problem exists.  While I get on HSBBW often, I can't get on every day.  

Hi all

Thanks for the responses.  As you may have surmised I was  upset and lashed out, typing a snarky response that was probably better directed somewhere else and did not include other teams.  For that I apologize.  I'm not big into deleting messages as if they never happened - I'll leave it and face the music.  Again I humbly apologize for my message.

As for the delayed payment, that's obviously not what I was told - I will investigate though.

To All Those Who Read This Thread in the Future -- those of us who have been around awhile knew with 95% probability after the first post what the likely story was.  Hold your fire, at least until after you've questioned your own coach 10 different ways what really happened, and make sure 8 of those questions involve the financials of your own team.

FREE=GOOD -- good for you for not deleting the post, but you got much better than what you deserved (the truth directly from THE source, AND an opportunity to actually play in the tournament) on this one.  



Thanks and apology not necessary, though appreciated.

If in your shoes I would have been mad.  

I wish I could guarantee you will enjoy the tournament.  They are all different, some better than others.  The only thing I can guarantee is that we do really care. That does not mean we never make mistakes.

In this case I think we could have done better.  

Yet another example of the class act PGSTAFF is.

Based on my knowledge of him both on the forum and in real life, his goal is always to do the right thing, and look out for the kids best interests. He is old school, and his compass is set to try and help anyone who is deserving. This includes when he his organization is not at fault, but he still wants to assist in making things as good as possible, within his capabilities.

So here is another well deserved pat on the back for all you do.

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