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“Also you should have a pitching coach or thrapist present to assure proper mescanics.”

Therapists know little about non-injurious mechanics and his traditional pitching coach is the one that got him in the OR in the first place!

“Stage one - fastballs only”.

The traditional fastball causes the most stress on the UCL.

”When you state that Matt Beech hurt his arm at 11 months in his third start that meant he was probably throwing at 100% off the mound at 10 months and probably was pushing to hard.”

It means he was throwing the ball exactly the way he threw it the time before and has nothing to do with time, your new UCL will not re-vascularize and will not grow or repair micro tearing caused by his traditional mechanics.


Next time you talk to Dr.Andrews ask him what “Forearm bounce” is and why this destructive mechanic that is the actual culprit with the traditional motion in all of these UCL discussions not recognized by him?

The reason UCL rehab times are finally coming down is because the pioneer in the process Dr. Mike Marshall who helped Tommy John rehab himself has had it down to 11 months from Dr’s release to full maximum effort pitching in games more than 15 years ago. This is a simple mechanical fix! But everybody is so repugnant to the rest of Marshalls training and mechanics that they can’t even make small changes.

Better yet you might want to read his stuff before you pick another traditional pitching coach!
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That’s probably what is going to have to happen but he is way to busy this time of year. I believe that people think if an Orthopedic surgeon suggests that pitch count or over use is what causes these injuries then the cure is to reverse time throwing when this is only true with the “traditional pitching mechanics taught by everybody. I’ve never heard one of these Ortho’s recommend a particular Gurus mechanics but if they did everybody would flock to this instructor. If you return to the same mechanics that put you on the OT then you run the same risk of re-injuring the same area. Marshall’s upper half mechanics produce none of the traditional injuries we keep dealing with. This fact puts the cause of injuries on mechanics not over use or pitch count. Dr.Andrews recommended through ASMI little league pitch count totals ensures future business for him.

This revolving injury market can be eliminated by non-injurious mechanics that exist!

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