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I never thought this would being unable to find a suitable picture for the occasion. 'Fungo' is one-of-a-kind...and one who all of us were pleased to find. The tributes above and those that will surely follow are testimony to the greatness in all respects of the kind soul of Luke Bell.

We will all miss Luke, but more importantly we will always remember Luke. He lived his life such that we don't have a choice not to remember. A truly great guy...helpful, inspiring, kind, competent, and worthy of our admiration and respect.

He showed us how to do it...let's honor him by stepping up our game. Crack a smile when you know you've done something good for someone else...remember Luke Bell.


Woody, you have been missed. I so much hope life has been good to you and those you love so much. 

The HSBBW has had its share of prolific writers, prolific thinkers, and those who have the ability, in a few words, to impact me right to my core. Little doubt you are near the top!

When I posted several years back about Coach Meccage and the Dash, Fungo was one who truly seemed to love the thoughts it conveyed about life.

I absolutely relish your recognition of Fungo and his life in these  words and this thought, which truly seems to be the essence of The Dash":

"He lived his life such that we don't have a choice not to remember."



When this thread first started I felt it would be wrong and refrained from mentioning this.  But now, with all of these great tributes and affirmations to a man who apparently had (and has) a genuine positive impact on so many, I feel compelled to do so...

My best friend died from ALS in his forties.  He, too, was a great man, great father and husband taken away far too soon because of this terrible disease.  I bring this up not to detract in any way from the proper focus currently on Luke but to further point out that this disease seems to target so many really good people for reasons mostly unknown and out of the control of those stricken.  It also affects far too many spouses, children, mothers, fathers, friends.  There is no cure and progress in research is painfully slow.  

What is happening here in this HSBBW community on this thread in commemoration of Luke Bell is a great thing.  I'm just thinking maybe we can do something more.  Maybe we can figure out how to collectively give to efforts to find a cure for this disease and do so as the HSBBW community in the name of Luke Bell.  Perhaps something is already set up that someone here that was close to Luke knows about?  Perhaps someone knows more about how we can pool our efforts?

CabbageDad has an excellent idea ..... Below is a post by his Daughter-in-law, Brooke. It is a piece of Luke's obituary .... most importantly is the families request for a donation to the ALS Association in lieu of flowers. (see the final paragraph below)

Luke Bell was a loving and devoted husband, father and grandfather, known for his dedication to his family and his willingness to persevere. Luke taught by example and no where was this more evident than the way he prioritized his children’s needs above his own. He was also an avid photographer who loved wildlife and the outdoors. Known by many for his beautiful pictures. Luke's bravery as he fought ALS and his deep love for his family is the legacy he leaves with us.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the ALS Association in Luke's honor ( As you make your donation in his name, please use the following email address as the recipient so that Luke's family can send their gratitude:

An irony of baseball fate here, but Luke succumbed to the same disease (ALS) as the great Lou Gehrig which many still refer to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease." 

I was a little surprised Luke's obituary did not mention baseball as his contributions to the sport were enormous.  I would not be surprised that there are current big leaguers, minor leaguers, and/or college players whose players and/or parents were not influenced in some way by Luke Bell.

Never really got to know him, but it feels like I did. His memory and values will forever live on in the freely passed sharing of a wealth of information that has become this wonderful community of baseball aficionados that have been through the process and are so willing and able to help those that are just beginning on their journey. All that anyone asks for in return is civility and to return the favor of sharing - really simple things in the grand scheme of life.

I don't know how I missed this thread.  It hurt my heart to hear of Fungo's plight, Agent Orange and ALS.  When I first started on this site so many years ago, Fungo was one of those legends that chimed in to make me feel welcomed.  Fungo was also one of those guys who would bring you along as a member here knowing the climate of the site and giving advice in a mentor type of way instead of an "expert" approach.

In reading this thread, I believe it would bring a smile to his face.  Look at some of the Old Timers and the Head Cook and Bottle Washer (Bob) who have chimed in to relate a thing or two about a great guy.  I once heard a guy say that the real mark of greatness is not in what you have done but who's hearts you have touched.  If that is true, Fungo was absolute GREATNESS!

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I missed this as not a frequent guest any longer. 

RIP Fungo (Luke)

i never got to know him on a personal level but always enjoyed his post


someome else i know was recently dx with this disease. Its tough illness and Gods grace and love and compasion to Fungos family.

best legacy a man leaves is the people he built relationships with that speak so fondly and loving of him  





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