Does anyone have any info on this program? I know what a HA program they are, but the combined baseball program is unique. Just wondering how it works with rosters and such. TIA!

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It is part of the Claremont Colleges, but the roster for Pomona-Pitzer is made up of players enrolled at either Pomona College or Pitzer, while the Claremont-McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps is made up of players from CMS.  They have a natural rivalry with both teams being adjacent schools to each other, but they each have their own baseball facilities.  They play in the SCIAC conference, which is all SoCal based so no long road trips necessary and the weather is never a factor.

Combining all of the campuses gives it more of a bigger school feel with about 5K students versus most smaller LAC.  Decent facilities and a nice community feel around the campus.  But it is very expensive, and there is no merit money available since the students are all high achievers.  And of course no athletic money.  So unless you qualify for financial-need based aid, it is over $75K per year for tuition and room and board (required for all freshman).  Son liked the coach and the academics are excellent, but we did not have $300K planned for his education.  The HC admitted he loses a lot of recruits for the same reason we cited.

Definitely worth consideration if they are interested in you and you can make the finances work!

Thank you Backstop22.  Very helpful  Sadly, we don't qualify for aid.  So, we need to know that if we end up paying for full freight, we get a great product and education. I do like that they can take classes at any of the 5. Love that area. 


Here are some visuals of Pomonoa-Pitzer :

Player Distribution map for 2019

Pomona-Pitzer 2019 Distribution by State



Pomona-Pitzer 2018 Distribution by State


Pomona-Pitzer 2017 Distribution by State

Distribution by Position 2019

Pomona-Pitzer 2019 Distribution by Position

Team Roster Insights (note, still being reconciled)

Pomona-Pitzer 2019 Team Insights

Team Performance - Last 5 yrs

Pomona-Pitzer Team Performance 5 yrs

2018 EADA Report

Pomona-Pitzer 2018 EADA Report

2018 Expense by Sport

Pomona-Pitzer 2018 Expense by Sport

Baseball Budgets from 2009 - 2018

Pomona-Pitzer Baseball Budget 10 yrs

2019 Conference Comparison

SCIAC 2019 Conference Comparison Report

2018 Conference Comparison

SCIAC 2018 Conference Comparison Report




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Son played in HS with a 3B/RHP, who became a RHP at Pomona. Was an econ major and had a really good experience at Pomona. Was signed as an undrafted pitcher for a MLB club and played 5 games in minors. Baseball was competitive and great academics.


Some Pro's - I've sent several players to play in the conference (not far from us) and one of my sons (college coach) is very close with some of the staff with one of the schools.  For D3, it is a very strong conference top to bottom with exception of Caltech and even they have made good strides on the field in recent years.  Most of the conference coaches that I am familiar with are good character guys.  If your kid has grown up in Jersey, he will LOVE being in SoCal Fall thru Spring.  Most of the facilities are nice to very nice and come Spring, there is no such thing as a rainout.  Practices will be in generally excellent weather as well.  Conference travel distance is favorable.  Most conference matchups are very competitive.

Some Con's - There is definitely the typical D3 over-recruiting at some of the schools in conference... not sure about PP specifically.  Just be aware.  Saw your profile - D3 ball will not be mistaken for D1 ball.  Having grown up back East and lived out West most of my adult life, I think it is far easier for a Jersey kid to adjust socially to a bunch of California kids than the other way around.  It's not easy on most parents for their kid to be playing college ball on the other side of the country.  But the biggest down side is LA traffic sucks.  Really bad.

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Thank you cabbagedad, I was a little worried about the over recruiting but figured we will deal with that question as we get down the road further. My sister lives in Ojai, so I would have an excuse to see her and a not super convenient place to stay with that sucky traffic!! Personally, I love it out there.  I would think he would too! Stay tuned!

Nice!  Actually, Ojai can work out well.  You can just drop down into the mess only when you have to and you are close enough that you can pick the times to avoid the really bad rush hour crap.  Only about 40 miles to Cal Lu, too, if you pick the right week to come out.

Quick glance at the roster and my guess would be they are not one of the schools particularly guilty of over-recruiting but that is a surface glance.  I did recognize a player from our area.  He was a VERY good HS player that many expected could go D1 and be a factor.  Accordingly, he is a top performer at PP.

Over-recruiting may happen at other SCIAC schools (it's been noted here about Cal Lutheran) but is not an issue at CMS or Pomona Pitzer.

Just visited these schools, and they are very nice.  Campus looks like a movie back lot.  It's an interesting dynamic in that PP and CMC are absolutely, literally cross street rivals.  But you can enroll at any class with the exception of Harvey Mudd given engineering focus.  So you can play for PP but take finance courses at CMC if that's the route you are interested in.  A very interesting alternative to NESCAC for Northeast HA kids generally more interested in NESCAC.  

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