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A little over a year ago, one of the 03 baseball moms mentioned Clearinghouse registration to me, as her son was going through the recruiting process, and at that point I realized there was a lot I needed to learn.

I did some searching on the web and unfortunately didn't find much, so I went to and ordered a couple of books.

Both of them were quite helpful, but were mostly football oriented.

One of the things that was mentioned was Post Graduate Prep School.

Is that even an option for baseball players?

The only reason I ask is that my 04 is young (won't be 18 till September).

Any opinions??
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Yes it is an option for baseball players but I do not recommend it

First of all they cost nearly as much for the year as would a year fo college.

Secondly 17 years of age is pretty much the norm for a kid entering college so that, to me, is not a problem

I look at it as waste of a year in terms of money and education

The age thing must be regional, because we have several juniors on our team that are older than my son. Due to temporarily living in another state that had a Oct 01 cutoff instead of a September 01 cutoff, we went ahead and got him into kindergarten.

Also, I've heard recently that parents with boys born in August around here are strongly urged to wait a year to enroll them in Kindergarten, although not mandatory.
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Dear Kungaloosh
Students may do a PG program for several reasons-maturity issues,academics ,college selection or athletic reasons.The one thing that is essential is that the child buys into it because if they do not it can be diastrous.

My other comment is that it is very late in the process to find a good PG program because it is a very competitive process. Junior College is another option.

I have known several kids to go through a PG program and it was quite rewarding.They went onto Harvard and Stanford for football and Amherst College for baseball.
Search under "prep school" postgraduate and baseball. Almost all of the prep schools offering a postgraduate year with athletic eligibility seem to be on the east coast. There's one called Bridgton (sp?) Academy that is specifically a postgraduate prep school. Most are prep schools that also have a postgraduate option.

That's the same age mine will be as a senior. Then again I was 16 with a late October birthday. I really could have used a postgraduate year.
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