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Look into Cardinal Gibbons, great academics and great baseball.  Plenty of travel baseball in this area also. Use google.





















Hi guys I am reviving this thread as I am in a similar situation with my son. He graduates HS this spring and he's currently committed to college in the Northeast. 

My job situation has changed which may require me to relocate to the Raleigh Durham area, and my son has expressed interest in moving down here with us.

I thin it may be too late to try and get him recruited before the fall. I am trying to figure out if we can get him a post-grad prep year in the  RTP area, or if we can maybe find a good juco.

Any advice appreciated.

If  he is committed to play with a college in the Northeast, why not stick with that?  I'm assuming it is DI - perhaps it is D3 and he's interested in developing another year and shooting for DI??  To what extent is he "committed"?  There could be repercussions to de-committing from a verbal offer (even DIII) - others on this board could speak to that in more detail.  Not trying to be nosy, just want to be sure that your son is thinking of the possible consequences of de-committing.

He has signed an NLI, but there is still a financial committment on my part. My job situation may require that we revisit that aspect of his college selection. 

He is thinking that this may be an opportunity to try for a juco or prep year, and test his luck at getting picked up by a D1.

These are some of the things I was hoping to flesh out with you all.

CMass, these issues can be complicated but I am sure there are some members here that can assist.  The NLI is a legally binding agreement.  My suggestion would be to start a new thread with a new topic heading - something more along the lines of "De-committing/Post Grad Prep Year" then explain in as much detail your son's and family's situation and your issues/questions.  I bet many folks have not been looking at this thread b/c they assume it relates solely to Raleigh NC high schools or prep schools.  But to me you have a more important threshold issue to consider before trying to find a suitable Raleigh NC area prep school.  Namely, can your son "de-commit" as long as he is not attending college and playing college ball next year, and if so what are the implications.  Then, is there enough time for him to find a prep school (or JUCO), and will that help secure an opportunity at a "better" DI program starting next Fall (2019).  You may have other questions as well.  But I think a new thread topic will help you get some people's attention and result in more feedback?

Best of luck!


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