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For once can you find an article that is uplifting-- I truly appreciate your efforts to update folks here but fora change find something positive

Coach Hillier , forget what his record was, was smeared for no reason-- transfers who dont play as much as "they" think they should,most times will jump at a young buck journalists question " Why did you transfer? Was it the coach?"

It happens all the time ---find sonmething positive next time-- but then positive doesnt sell--ruining guys careers does

Simple question-- with all the testing they did how come no players failed?

I rest my case
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TR first of all I know way more about Duke baseball program than you do. Used to work in the athletic department at Duke before Hiller was there.

HIller got the job because he was friends with the AD certain not because of his record at UNC Asheville, He had a losing record there too.

They had no problem recruiting top talent at Duke. A top academic college and playing in the ACC and easy sell for any parent. Plus if you can get into Duke, you gonna get all kind of academic aid to attend college. First year grads from Duke earn $80,000 a year.

So what happend with all the talent. Several of the pitchers became injured after Duke staff, changed all the pitchers mechanics to the Drop and drive, which went out 30 years ago. Pitchers velocity dropped from 92-93 mph to 86-87 mph. Guess who the pitching coach was Bill Hiller JR. the coaches son.

Other problems, the Duke school newspaper did a story of underage drinking at football games at Duke and had a picture of 4 Duke Student drinking. Turns out all were basebal players, one being the AD sons. Guess who did not get punished by the baseball coach.The one of the coaches was fired after that.

TR Duke won had winning records and beat alot of Nationally Ranked teams before Hiller.

Duke was 38-20 in 1998
24-31 in 1999
last two years of the previous coach
Duke University record of the previous coach compiling a 356-286-1
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Originally posted by Dibble:
...HIller got the job because he was friends with the AD...

...Pitchers velocity dropped from 92-93 mph to 86-87 mph...

1. Everyone knows why Hillier got the job. No secrets there.

2. I went to plenty of Duke games before and during Hillier and they didn't have more than 2 guys (if that) hitting 92-93. Exagerrate much?
Originally posted by Dibble:
redbird so why exactly did Hiller get the job?

They were throwing that before they got to Duke in hs, mr drop and drive wrecked their arms at Duke.

so how is little league treating you redbird/ Rob

Hillier was buddies with Alleva.

Duke did not ave more than 2 guys throw 92, that is a fact. You just were busted exaggerating again.

Dunno anything about LL, andy.
Sorry Redbird as usual you dont know what you speak of

Two New Yorkers one lefty and one righty LHP threw 92-93 mph in HS,LHP now in pro ball. Another Duke recruit threw 94 mph in front of the Phillies Scouting director his senior year and was the fastest pitcher ever at Top 96 at 93 mph his junior year. He threw 93 mph in the valley league last summer.

So redbird when you gonna move up to a paying coaching position? Or have you peaked in little league
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