Runner Yells Cut

Runner on 2nd, batter hits safely into the outfield.  Runner on second reaches 3rd and heads for home.

Realizing he will probably be out at home, when he's halfway down the line, while he's running, the runner yells out "Cut! Cut!"

The infield cutoff man then stops the ball coming in from the outfield. There is no play at home and the runner scores easily.

Legal play?

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Fan2024 posted:

Can hs umps eject spectators who seem to be interfering with defensive plays by yelling confusing instructions?

Nope. Umpires have no authority to eject spectators. We can suspend games until game management restores order at our direction, though.

A spectator fooling the defense is probably something I'm not touching.

I was at a fall game. Every time one of his teams batter would hit a foul ball fly, he would yell out of play, even when it was clearly not. Any time someone called him on it, he would say, I thought it was honestly out of play. Funny thing is he never said anything when our team was up to bat. 

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