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I noticed you are from California. Do you know the history of Gary Adcock, Head Baseball Coach at Cal Baptist.

In 1989, he traveled to Korea with our American Goodwill Series team and Gary pitched a complete game against the Korea National HS TEAM.

Our team was 18 players, including 6 pitchers [3 future MLB pitchers].

We played 7 games in 9 days. The National team from Japan also played in this Goodwill Series. The "psych" and the "effortless" style of a pitcher can effect durability.


I don’t believe allowing a kid to through 144 pitches in the last serious game he will ever play is a bad idea. Unless he injures his arm so badly he can’t play catch with his future kids (extremely unlikely) where’s the harm?

The game had definitely changed. From LL through high school I finished every game I started. In high school I sometimes closed games in didn’t start. I never had a sore arm. I would be guessing if asked how many pitches I threw in an inning, game or week. It wasn’t a thing. The thing was the coach asking how you feel.

I don’t remember there being as many arm problems as there are now. I was always throwing during the baseball season. I didn’t play fall ball until college. By then I was a situational lefty and position player. My arm was strong. I don’t recollect thinking to myself, “I better not unload a throw from center after pitching a complete game in the first game of this doubleheader.” No coach ever said it.

Hi @Consultant, I am aware that Cal Baptist has had a lot of competitive baseball teams as they've gone from NAIA to D2 to D1, but not the story of Gary Adcock specifically. Thanks for sharing.

It looks like the last time a Cal Baptist pitcher pitched a 9-inning complete game was 2021 when a guy did it 3 times with a max of 106 pitches. This season he let a starter who had a 2-hit shutout with 92 pitches start the 9th, but pulled him at 102 pitches.  He doesn't seem like a coach with a preference for seeing how many complete games he can get out of his pitchers.

I have nothing against letting a starter pitch deep into games when he's having a dominant performance. The WVU pitcher was not having a dominant performance.

I had some time to read over this thread.

I agree with adbono 100%. He nailed it.

For those who are horrified at the pitch count, please keep in mind that the team just went thru a tough conference year,  a conference championship, playoff regional. It's grueling.

Coach was essentially out of fresh arms. No way could he get passed UNC.

Did he give up, no he let the guy who helped them get to where they were at that point have his day.


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