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Hi guys,

I have a question about camps such as headfirst and Ivy's. do they make pitchers throw two days in a row? I am a pitcher and I have arm issues that make it nearly impossible to throw two days in a row. I can throw as many innings as I want one day, but splitting those innings up into 2 days just hurts my arm too much. I have read online that camps make kids throw 2 days in a row and I was wondering if any of you had any experience with it. 


Thank you

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Son attended HF and the short answer to that question is yes, pitchers throw both days.  I'm not sure if I'd say "make you" throw 2 days.  I think you'd have the option to just throw day 1 or 2 but you'd most likely only get your 2 innings for that day.  That's probably a good question for you to ask the HF team via email.  They are very responsive. I can tell you that they have a pitching coordinator who checks on the pitchers each day as they enter the facility (on Long Island) and adjusts schedules as necessary. 

kanye87 posted:

Hi guys,

...I am a pitcher and I have arm issues ...

Thank you

Welcome to the site, Kayne87...

Yes, this is the bigger concern...  Figure out what the issues are and get them fixed sooner than later or there will be no purpose in pursuing playing at the next level.  That symptom points to something either structural or mechanical and there is a possibility that you are worsening the issue by continuing to throw.  Get to a good sports PT or sports ortho.

Best of luck to you.

Once again, this can be a pitch count situation.  Depending on how many pitches are thrown on the first day.  It's not innings, it is the number of pitches that count.

I'm almost certain that no one at either camp is going to throw someone who tells them he can't throw.  This is why parents and players need to monitor things and understand arm care.  Nobody running those events mentioned wants to purposely put any pitcher at risk. All you have to do is tell them ahead of time that you only want to pitch once and allow them to adjust.

My son attended HF in Sacramento and if you signed up as a Pitcher as your primary position, you are expected, but not required, to pitch 2 innings both days.  Now when I say "innings" remember:

  • All batters start with a 1-1 count and are told to swing away--the HF umps call anything close a strike
  • Only 5 batters hit each inning

By way of example, my son pitched 11 pitches one inning and 14 the next and that was with several K's.  I'd say most kids tossed between 15-25 pitches in their two innings.

Rest assured, when you check in on Day 2, the HF coordinator will ask you if you are able to pitch that day.  If you say you would rather rest it, they will find another kid on your team who has Pitcher as his second position and give the innings to him or somebody else.  There is no pressure to pitch or scorn if you don't.  You of course would miss the opportunity to pitch with another set of coaches watching if you decline, but your health should be the priority.

As mentioned above...

Throwing a couple of innings two days in a row may not be ideal depending on the number of pitches - but it should be something that you can do if necessary.

If you do move on to play in college, you are going to be expected to throw a lot.  Probably 6-7 days a week at some points.

If pitching one day makes it impossible to throw the next, you really need to get your arm checked out.  You are probably aggravating a chronic condition, and that isn't good for your long term health. It could be a mechanical issue, overuse, or even random bad luck - but whatever the cause, it needs to be addressed.

Keep in mind that you are paying a lot of money to attend some of these camps/showcases.  Don't make it a poor investment by limiting what you can do, and who can see you do it.

Worst case scenario - a coach that had some interest on day 1 is told you aren't able to pitch on day 2.  If you can't make it through a 2 day camp, is he going to think you can make it through a months long college season?


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