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Here are mine in no particular order....

J.T Files- Clutch, really can hit,Big legs, Strong catcher, works great with staff, love his hitting potential, Great receiving skills, all around catcher

Matt Shortall- Strongest arm for catchers in area, long projectable body, athletic behind plate, hitting is very good although a bit raw, scary potential in already great prospect

Jonathan Walsh- Strong build, excellent defensive skills, Great arm, Will become a better hitter, very good all around prospect, will lead a good Coppell team with Kettler

David Wright- Signed to TCU, Strong catcher, Great Arm, Great receiving skills.

There are a few. Lets hear of a few from yall. Who should we watch for in no order or age?
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Thank you all for all of the input. Its very good to see how people react to certain prospects. Baker is indeed a very good prospect as is many others on this list.

I really like what nortex brought up about how he would start a team around Shortall.That is a very good choice if I where to start a team also as is many of the names listed. I really like the train of thought lets hear some other opinions.
You could say that. I've only warmed up with one kid the past three years.

This comes up with some kids I know, but how many of these catchers project as catchers? How many of these position players project as position players? This is a topic for a wider thread, but I know Matt might make a dang good right fielder considering his arm strength.
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Dtiger brings up a excellent point on projection.

I can see a catcher who is built like a catcher now and say "Yes, this kid is a good catching prospect". Thats good and all but if there is a limit to his ceiling then he is harder to project. With Shortall you see a great outfield arm. Who knows? When its all said and done he could be out there but for now I see a prospect that can grow taller and fill out to a big catcher. With many of the guys I listed, I see catching in there future but you never can quite tell exactly where they will be. It is very fun to see young projectable athletes that can play many positions and I see that more and more in all these names and throughout the DFW
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Originally posted by Dillon:
Don't know if you can count him technically speaking as a catcher or a metroplex kid, but Jarrod McKinney of Hughes Springs HS is a kid with tons of tools.

I've seen him catch some and I see where you're coming from, but with that speed, I don't see how you can keep him out of the outfield. It would be a shame to have that kind of speed stuck behind home plate. This is just my opinion of course.
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Fischer does have very good size along to go with very good skills. Definitely a catcher to keep an eye on.

I honestly think that catcher is probably the most important position on the field. The DFW area is full of some very fine prospects in this area. To have prospects like Files, Walsh, Shortall, Wright, Baker, and many others mentioned in one area is truly something special.
Keep an eye on Bo Altobelli at Plano this year. While he was a utility infielder last year, I expect to see him a lot more behind the dish in 2008. Outstanding pop time and excellent receiver which will make it difficult to run against Plano. Bo also is a tremendous student of the game and will be an asset to the Plano pitching staff. I know my son loves it when Bo catches him during the Summer as they play on the same Select Team.
Quinn with Royse City is strong behind the plate has a strong arm and great awarness behind the plate he was 2nd team all district last year at 3rd and was the back-up to Gerrett Ellington behind the plate.

I believe that the brother of Teddy Nowell for Poteet High School in Mesquite, Beau Nowell will also help the Royse City baseball Program from time to time behind the plate as a Freshmen.

A kid who has not received much press around the area is the catcher from Lake Highlands, Evan Curtis. He is solid with strong skills. Great feet, consistent bat with power potential. Not sure about his pop time but he is more than adequate. Evan has caught all of his pitchers (including my son) since Little League Days and on in to select (so he knows their tendencies). 2nd year starter on Varsity behind the plate. I hesitate to put this on here because LH is flying low under the radar screen and we like it that way. I look for Curtis to surprise some folks. Last year (as a Junior) he was All District Honorable Mention.

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