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Royse City is currently 3A. And for everyone that don't know Beau Nowell is a very good at any thing he does.

I look for him to play 3rd and back-up at the Catcher position. And for anyone to says, he is a Freshmen how good could he be, then you don't know anything about the players that lined up to play for Coach Ted Nowell and the winning teams he coached at Poteet. Look at Teddy Nowell and J.T. Files, they both were very good as Freshmen. And Beau is going to be as good by the time he graduates you will be talking about him more than you every talk about a kid before this.

Have a great season to all teams.

With Chaz Quinn starting at 3rd and backing up Garrett Ellington at Catcher last year, it appears that Chaz will be starting there with Beau Nowell backing him up, but this is currently undetermined on who will be starting at that catcher and who will be on 3rd. But believe me you can not go wrong with eighter behind the plate or on 3rd.

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of other players in Royse City and there baseball program is headed in the right direction to be able to compete at the 4A level if they move up next Year.

Don't get me wrong they are not a Poteet program, but they are headed in that direction with the current leadership in Coaches and Player.

Come out and see for your self, They will be in playing in the Mesquite tournament, where they are scheduled to play Poteet, South Garland and Creekview.

I know both of the Nowell kids and they are very good players, if you have not watched eighter boys play you need to before you talk about either kids athletic ability.
Originally posted by guest1222:
How Does Flower Mound look this season.

Who is their catcher this year ?

Do they have any pitching ?
The catcher this year will most likely be Mitch Lehman. This team is really young. Their oldest pitcher at graduation will be 17 years old. There are no 90+ pitchers at this point like there has been in past years. This is a rebuilding year for Flower Mound.
Originally posted by dfwdad08:
Must be one of SWAC's recruits ...

You know SWAC...always has a few tricks up his sleeve. He also has another 2011 recruit on the team with the kid from Oklahoma that can catch a little bit as well. Any coach would love to have either one, and you can basically between the two of them.
Some people keep mention Bryan Fisher from Creekview. Last season, he blew up on the plate in a game...swore at the coach and quit has not played in a year and is not playing for Creekview..

They have a freshman catcher at Creekview that is strong - Will Henning, who has played a lot of select ball and will be someone to watch for in the future. Very smart, strong arm and a good bat.
Know this is an old thread but......Kevin Terry is a player at Jesuit. I hear everyone talking about a kid named Shortall there and I haven't seen him play but.....if he's better than Kevin Terry he must really be something. If he's not the real deal Lucille, he better not slip up....KT will be one of the best catcher's in the area and may be the state before he's finished. He is a true warrior with a lightning bolt on his right shoulder and he can really swing it.
love the topic and nice to hear someone's kid name brought up that I know. the important quality for all these young outstanding catchers to have is the willingness to constantly attempt to get better.It's the most physically and mentally challenging position in all of sports,there is no way these guys are as good as they're gonna get.I want to watch they're development,this is a subject close to my heart cuz my boy still catches and he was never thought of as one of the best H. S. catchers by so many on this board or at least not mentioned as much as others at the time.Anyway good luck to Kevin Terry and the Rangers of Jesuit, as well Stiner,Shortall,and Garcia.
In that year's class there are several great catchers to see;

Beau Nowell, Mesquite
Will Henning, Carrollton
Nick Bullington, ?
Skylar Ewing, Arlington.....

These mentioned were way ahead of Terry - all through the years growing up and now. Saw Terry within the year and he is good, great kid, but these are very strong.
Kevin Terry does have many tools and could someday be one of the areas top catchers. Unfortunately, we will all have to wait until next year because there is no way he will be taking playing time from Shortall. He does have some good attributes but lacks all the experience it would take to be able to top Shortall. He will get time at 3rd.

For now I think the guys to see are (Alphabetical order)

Bo Altobelli- Plano Sr- Texas Tech Signee

Abel Baker- Denton- Oklahoma Signee

Drew Benefield- Rockwall Heath

Craig Hayes- South Garland

Matt Shortall- Jesuit- Tulane Signee

Jonathan Walsh-Coppell- Texas Signee

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