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Here’s a topic I haven’t seen discussed in a few years, transportation in the minors. I had a very enjoyable and informative dinner this week with another member of the HSBBW. Their son is in his second spring training and ours is attending his first. Both sons live on the west coast and were drafted by a team on the east coast and spring training is in Florida. The discussion turned to “what does your son do for transportation?” Not something I’d thought of in the excitement of the draft last year.

Now I realize money and parental support can solve the problem and we will come to a solution for this year that hopefully suits us both! Smile But I’d like to hear from other members who have done this and what their solutions were. I’ve listed some of the options discussed and a few of the challenges.

  • Walk – a nice green solution! In spring training son’s hotel is close to the field, walking in the rain is not always pleasant but he could tough it out for now. But, when assigned to a team, living quarters will not be within walking distance.
  • Bum a ride for 6 months – a low cost solution if you can find another player with a car who doesn’t mind carpooling you everywhere for the length of the season. Razz Once assigned to a team, player will have to be lucky to live with someone with a car who also doesn’t mind the carpooling gig. Or, if a player is with a host family, a ride to and from the field is usually provided but any other activities and you’re back to bumming a ride. Or you might be lucky and have a host family that will provide a vehicle to be shared among the players they are hosting. Works if they all have the same work schedule and can agree on the after hours activity. Never know until you get settled what the situation will be.
  • Drive your car cross-country – CA-to-FL is 2 days and about 2,800 miles one way to get to Spring Training. Good option if you can handle the drive and the mileage on your car. Challenge comes in when you are assigned to a team. Some clubs will not allow a player to drive to their assigned location and must fly with the team. This is son’s case. So now they need to arrange to get the car to their new destination. Getting re-assigned during the season or staying for extended training all bring new challenges in moving a car around.
  • Ship a car – saves on the wear & tear on the car and player, but cost is around $1,000 each way. (about 2 months of salary for a minor league player! Eek) They’ll still need local support because someone at the destination must be available for a 2-day window to take delivery of the car.
  • Buy a car on the east coast and store it locally – saves on shipping a car back and forth each year but you’re adding the cost of purchase and storage.
  • Rent a car – But most companies will not rent to a player under 25 years of age.
  • Find a HSBBW member in the area with a car to borrow! Big Grin
  • Retire and be my son’s chauffeur. Cool
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Don't do anything until you find out where your son will be assigned and his living arrangements. Then you can think about options. You have no clue where they will send him and he doesn't either, be patient.

Your son's team should be providing transportation during spring training, unless it is within a short distance. And in most cases all teams do not allow them to drive when they leave for spring training.

Last year they sent son to Springfield, MO, he shipped his truck, it took a month, a few weeks later he was sent back to FL, they said tehy would ship it in lieu of airfare, but since he was on rotation they gave him 2 days to return. What a waste of money. Frown
This year if he goes directly to AA he is going to wait a month and we will drive the truck up with his fiance.
It's your son's first full season, he needs to worry about settling in and playing baseball, he'll manage, they always do.
My son is close to home for spring training and was for high A, so he has his truck, he gives rides but seldom asks for gas as he expects them to return the favor when he needs it. But this is something yoru son can work out. Most of the guys don't mind helping each other out.
In ss my son was far from the field, so he got a bike, twisted his ankle badly trying to fix it, then teh host family gave him thier car as it was in their garage he got hurt, would never suggest that to anyone. Frown

Hope this helps, if you do need to ship once he arrives contact me for info, I learned alot about shippers and it's a huge business with lots of deceptions.

Best of luck to your son.
Thx for the car shipping & bicycle story. Injury was my first thought at 20dad's suggestion. Eek He hasn't done much cycling lately on something that wasn't stationary! Wink We're also on the same page about waiting, as the clubs really don't give the guys much notice about when and where they'll be when it comes to team assignments. Son did just fine in SS without a car for 3 months but he also lucked out with a great host family who provided a car for the 3 guys to use. Just can't see this as a good arrangement for a full season. But we'll see. Son threw a couple innings in a scrimmage today, so Life is good so far. Smile Now if only his Spring Training was in AZ, it would be a piece of cake for us to arrange for a car from CA. FL or PA/NJ is more of a challenge, but we'll figure it out.

Just an interesting part of a minor league player's life that I wanted to share with those looking at the draft this year.
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I actually laughed out loud when I read RHP05Parent post. Here was my first experience dealing with Jr.’s transportation issues.

• Flight from NJ to Bradenton, Florida to pick up vehicle when son was assigned to State College, Pa from extended spring training. Picked up car at airport then drove Jr.'s vehicle 18 hours back to my home in NJ.

• 3 days later drove vehicle 5 hours to State College, PA then flew back to NJ.

• 7 days later, got call from son. "Dad I've got some good news and some bad news... The good news is I've been promoted to West Virginia, the bad news is I need you to pick up my car again". 7 Days!!! So I flew to State College to pick up car at airport and drove back to NJ. (P.S. his host family met me with the car and packed all his clothes for him since he was on the road when he was promoted. Such nice people!)

• 3 days later drove Jr.’s vehicle 8 hours to Charleston, WV, thankfully for the rest of the season.

... if you haven’t been keeping track, this all happened over a period of 14 days! Jerseyson did say thanks, so that made it all worthwhile. Wink

Can't wait to see what this year brings?

I think I’m voting for option 1 or 2.
jerseydad -
Thx for sharing your adventure. It's these type of stories that I remember from past postings that are causing me to drag my heels a bit. Now if I lived on the eastern side of the country, your experience would still not be a fun one, but at least it could be doable in a day(s). Wink I'm kind of leaning toward the retirement option myself. Cool
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Son drives, Club has no problem with players driving to assignments.
Don't depend on host families to drive you, they may be willing to take player to and from games but when players come home after road trips its usually wee hours of the morning and I know of players that had to sleep on floor of the club house.
Originally posted by njbb:
Son drives, Club has no problem with players driving to assignments.
Don't depend on host families to drive you, they may be willing to take player to and from games but when players come home after road trips its usually wee hours of the morning and I know of players that had to sleep on floor of the club house.

It's a bit different for a pitcher because he is on rotation, and of course how far apart the locations are and if he has to join them on the road or not and when the last time he pitched. But no one is allowed to leave spring training camp by car, I thought that was the general rule for most.

So JD, you gonna drive his car to assignment? Smile
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I'd wait with the car until your son is assigned. Our son's club provided housing and transportation during spring training and flew them to assignments.

During his first short season his host mom drove him back and forth to the park. In single A his host family gave him a truck to use for the summer. In AA he had a roomie with a truck. Finally in AAA he drove his truck to spring training and then shipped it. Big leaguers ship their vehicles together after spring training. Large trucks show up on the last day. Good group rates and fast.

Once he was married, they drove to spring training and family helped his wife get everything to their assignment.
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Have the opposite problem ... we are on the east coast and son is doing spring training in Arizona. When he gets assigned, it could be anywhere from Phoenix to Oregon to Indiana to Texas ... and if he gets re-assigned, the distances are huge.

Luckily he's a pitcher ... he's learned over to years to love running. I think I'll stick with plan A and let him keep in shape again this year.

Meanwhile, I'll really enjoying his 4WD truck and his stereo ...
Originally posted by RHP05Parent:

Interesting last option. I like it.

The way I see it, the big bonus guys don't really know (nor care) and buy some decent wheels, (which they all do! .....and then some mommies have no say here!)

All others, have several alternative
and at different times/locations

a) At Spring Training (Az). Take team bus back and forth from field and hotel.
When Bruan was available, catch ride in his (very nice) Escalade.

b) In rookie ball, while in Poduck Mo, get three or four pitchers/players together and buy a used truck for $1100. At end of season, sell used truck for (hopefully) $1100.

(OBTW: Staying at host families may cost you $300-$400 per other words, it ain't free)

c) At low A, most are close enough to
walk to and from shared apt to field.

d) At High A. Son bought used car after flying in from ST.
Email me for details of a reasonable dealer if in Florida State League

e. At AA. After ST, flew home, and then drove used car to Alabama.

f. At AAA. Bought a 2nd car, packed up wifey and rent a 2 bdr couple miles from the park.

What is next? Get Outs.... get a call.
and then .......move family to WI with big smile.
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