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So I was hitting fungos for Merrimack High yesterday. They have a transfer from Lowell who is playing 3B named Parker. Looks legit, I didn't see him hit but he was one of the best fielders and had a rocket arm I had to keep telling him to relax with the bebes since it was only the first day.

Also there was a transfer pitcher from Washington State, Coach Anderson was working pitchers and said he was good.
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I agree that Hudon is a talented kid and has a lot of skill. With that being said though I also think he was the classic case of a kid who sprouted much quicker then other kids. When I first encountered him it was when my son was 11 and we scrimmaged Merrimack's 11U all-star team (could have been 12's...but think it was 11's). He was big back then with an arm & 1/2!! He'd blow the ball by kids when he could find the plate back then. He also threw a kid out at the plate by firing the ball all the way to home (in the bounces) from the center field fence (200 or so feet away) on a line. However since then I don't think he has grown but 2-3 inches and everyone is starting to catch up to him on the field. I don't think he throws much harder then my son does now if at all. (I'm sure he still hits a lot

Again don't get me wrong the kid is a player with strong skills but after seeing him back then I'd be expecting mid 80's or more by now. He was one of those kids who's biological age was well ahead of his actual age.
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Congatulations on your son's success and welcome to high school baseball. Our family's best wishes are with him.

As my friend 20Dad has told me many times, enjoy it, it goes by real fast. It's hard to beleive but in a few short months our son's high school sports career will come to an end.

This past Sunday we had our basketball breakup dinner and the coach was talking about his seniors. I look over at my wife and she is a mess. Not a few tears, she is bawling. I asked her what's the matter and she says "I can't believe his high school sports are almost over, I am going to miss this."

Enjoy it to the fullest.

On the tryout surprise topic, I watched 45 minutes of the Portsmouth outdoor practice today and all I can say is they have quite a few holes to fill!
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Mr M..
Do you think Portsmouth will move up in the next couple years? They are going to be the team to beat this year and favorite for winning.. I personally think they can be the best in Class L by far..

Portsmouth v St. Thomas in championship and Portsmouth wins... Mike has too many rings.. he needs to give some away he doesn't have enough fingers.

I don't share your enthusiasm for Portsmouth winning this years Class I championship. Here's my take on the team.

We don't have a shortstop, the loss of Fransoso in the field and at top of the order is huge! New catcher, probably a sophomore. Sophomore at third who will be ok defensively but losing Bergeron who did a great job hitting behind Montville will be another big loss. Both corner outfields will be new and who knows how they will perform.

Pitching is thin with Nate Jones and Keegan Taylor from last year and that's it. Other pitchers were JV's last year. I thought Coach Hopley would use Mike to pitch but he won't. Doesn't want to take chance of hurting his arm from what I hear. I think he could help but as I parent I have to respect Hop, he's looking beyond the High School season. Jones would be our answer at SS but Hop never lets a pitcher play SS because of the stain on the arm. Coach Hopley thinks about the players before winning games - commendable.

It we get some guys to hit Montville might have an ok season but most (including him) don't see him getting many good pitches pitches to hit. Add to that all the hype (way to much in my opinion). It will be interesting to see how he handles it

I think St. Thomas, Souhegan, Bedford and few other have an excellent chance of getting to the finals.

On the ring issue, he has never worn them - sitting in boxes at our house. Doesn't feel comfortable wearing then, thinks its bragging. Speaking of rings, congratulations to your school's basketball team for winning the state championship.
MCaravella I know you express your thoughts on Portsmouth being possibly one of the best Teams in class L as well as class I but you have to take a look at some the Class L Teams pitching. Nashua North is stacked with 3-4 strong pitchers and they have the ability to hit with anyone this year. And mostly the team is made up of a strong Junior class. Norths downfall could possibly be their defense. Look for Londonderry and Goffstown to be strong as they always are. And include Bishop Geurtin to turn some heads possible as they will probably be be an all Senior Team maybe.
I hear a freshman made the North varsity as a catcher - great for him, bad for my son's U14 AAU team which now won't have his services until the end of the HS season... As for BG - they do return last year's team minus at least one player who left BG. They will have "mostly" all seniors - there's still 3 pitchers from the JR. class which will see varsity time (same as last year Kelly, Gilcrest, Ferlan). My son said they're keeping large rosters on V and JV. I would have to think having 2+ seasons under your belt at varsity (a few played significant innings as Sophs, too) would make them very dangerous, but a dominant pitcher is still going to win "most" of the time. It should be a very competitive season - I hope it's like the basketball season with 1 team in 1st, 6 teams tied for second 3 at 7,8,9, etc. Very close all year long.
The Freshman you menmtioned is Fortin I think and he is on the JV team not Varsity, From what I heard he'll play Freshman, JV. The North Varsity has 2 Junior catchers already. North played Cranston, RI today and lost 6-5 and Fortin is on the JV squad but they will probably at times bring him up for the Varsity games I bet especially if one catcher gets hurt.
My son got called up to play for North JV at the scrimmage yesterday in Cranston. North JV won like 6-2. Fortin did play for the JV. I only expect him to play freshman for the South game this season. I think he could get called up to varsity if the two Jrs falter defensively. My son pitched 2 scoreless innings for JV. North should be strong for the next 3 to 4 years as they have a very talented sophomore and junior class. At least two of the JV pitchers are around 80 right now if not 3 of them. I would expect them to reach the finals in at least one of the next 3 years.

IT WAS FREEZING in Rhode Island yesterday But awesome to be watching baseball again!!
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Well, you know they players well from your league. so without getting into individual players, I will say that I think Bedford will be very competitive this year. They have a very tough schedule, which means that their final record may be deceiving, but the quality of play should be fantastic this year. Their schedule includes Goffstown, Portsmouth, St. Thomas (2), ConVal (2), Souhegan (2), Plymouth, plus other programs like HB and Milford that may not look like preseason favorites, but are always good programs. So by the time the playoffs come, Bedford will be battle tested.

The biggest improvement is just the fact that they return all their regular players from the last 2 years, since this is the first time Bedford has a senior class. So they all have 2 years of varsity experience. Plus they all play Legion and Showcase, etc. The same team that went 7-9 last year and upset the 4 seed Monadnock now is another year older, bigger, and more experienced.

Plus the fact that Coach Blahnik now has 2 assistants, who both played college baseball. He was at a big disadvantage the last 2 years since he was all alone, trying to do the job of 3+ coaches by himself from the 3rd base box. It just can't be done, I don't care if you're Joe Torre. So I'm very anxious to watch some quality baseball at Bedford this year.

And yeah, I know, I didn't answer your question about individual pitchers or hitters (hey, I gotta live in this town!). But I think we're very deep in pitching, and have a lot of good hitters in the lineup. So come check out some of those games against the real tough teams, and I think you'll see some fun baseball.
BHSDad, the addition of any two coaches is going to be a huge help. At any level attempting to coach a full baseball roster by yourself is a tough task, I could not agree more that even Joe Torre would have trouble with it. Good for Bedford having a full staff will pay dividends, I agreee Bedford is in for a good year, did Goffstown move down a class this year? Or is that an out of conference game.
Goffstown is an out of conference game. I hear next year they plan on moving down to Div 2, which will be next year's equivalent of Class I. But that's just rumor. I think this is Goffstown's year, and will be one of the top teams, if not they top team, in Class L.

BTW, my bad for not giving the two new coaches the proper recognition, but the two new coaches are Coach Keggler (the varsity basketball coach), and Coach Chapman, who I believe teaches at the middle school. I've heard good things about them from the boys. They say they are both "baseball guys". And I understand they both pitched in college.

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