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16 y/o son has been battling this upper hamstring strain since either late August or early September. I took him to PT for 3 weeks which he was cleared after a series of rigorous tests. Then shortly thereafter began complaining about some pain again and wants to go to a doctor.

Doc finally recommended in mid October an MRI which revealed the hamstring strain up where hamstring attaches to lower hip. Medical, but doctor will not order rest during 6th period PE (BB) class, although he said not to overdo it. Sam will not take it easy because he understands he has to work harder than anyone to make the team.

I take him to a Ortho Dr last week who said it will take 3 months to heal. However, Dr wants to write a note restricting all activity for 3 months, but gives in to Sam's urging and wrote a note for limited activity PE for 1 month.

Today, he said he has been lying about it not hurting as much as it has because he does not want the HC to think he is dogging it, but the pain is getting worse and he is in tears thinking he will not make team because he can't physically perform.

Question...has anyone else's son had a similiar injury, how did you get your kid to back off the activity and how long did it take to eventually heal?
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My 16yr old son had a grade level 2 strain of his hamstring muscle and a 2.5 inch tear of the attaching tendon making one too many stretches for bad throws at 1st B. He's doing PT 5 days a week and meeting with the therapist 2 days per week. Injury occurred 4/17.

He's up to 2 miles/day power walk w/o any pain so yesterday swapped out 1/4 mile of circuit to a light jog. Also does the bevy of rubber band things and various stretching. Mixes in swimming. Additionally does 5x40yd backward running 3x per week.

He's unable to pitch, throw hard, crow hop w/o pain yet.

PT and Doc figure it should be no problem if he sticks to the PT plan to be ready to play again May 25 summer season opener, about a 6 week thing but it depends on a lot of things.

I'll keep you informed. Luck
Oh yeah, forgot to say, all the PTs and Docs say the same what you can do w/o pain....stretch as far as you can w/o pain. Massage the affected area with gentle tenderness. And don't push it nor play thru the pain else it will become chronic, take your medicine and let it heal. Activity helps the healing process but it is quite easy to reinjure and go back to step one.
Speaking from experience, I'd highly recommend that your boys do exactly, and do everything, what the PT says to do. This can be a very tough injury that will stay with them for years. About 12-14 years ago, when I was in my late 30s, I tore my upper hamstring while stretching before a karate class. I did not get proper medical attention in a timely manner, or go to physical therapy, and the effects from that injury still occacionally cause me discomfort. At 51 years old, it's no fun to have "a pain in the butt" literally, so take care of it. I tore mine up high near where the tendon is, and if I had it to do all over again, I'd have gone to the doctor right away, and done everything he and a PT would have presribed.

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