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Whats up everyone? 2 players here, Connor Jones (Great Bridge HS, Chesapeake -> UVA -> St. Louis Cardinals) and Alec Bettinger (Hylton Hs, Woodbridge -> UVA -> Milwaukee Brewers) here.  We are both obviously from VA.  Friends since playing for the Canes together, Teammates at UVA, and we are both in Tidewater this offseason. We wanted to take the opportunity to try and team up to continue to influence Youth baseball in VA.  

In addition to lessons, we are running at 6 week pitching clinic in Great Bridge (Chesapeake) starting Nov 5, meeting every Tuesday afternoon thru Dec 10th.  We wrote the program for the clinic together.  It is a progressive program that builds week to week. We feel that we have a lot to offer to kids of all ages, both of us are tied for 4th in Career Wins at UVA, between 7 years combined ACC pitching experience and 7 years combined professional pitching experience we feel that we have learned a ton over our experiences in our career. 

If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out and ask, if you want to try and schedule lessons or sign up for the clinic, all the above, please email Availability is limited so it is first come first serve.


Connor Jones & Alec Bettinger


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