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First of all to all the dads on here that told me it was to late for me to play at the next level and that I should give up and play club ball I just wanna say my recruiting has picked up significantly �� thanks for the motivation! Now for my main question. I’ve spoken to a few schools recently and two of them have invited me and my dad one for a campus visit the other to a fall league game. My question is what questions should I ask these coaches once I arrive. A little background I’m a Senior MIF, the campus visit I was invited to is at a D3 University in VA with a new coaching staff, and the fall league game is for a Juco program. All feedback is welcome.

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Questions to ask the coach during your unofficial visit

When you go on your unofficial visit, one of your top priorities should be to ask the coach any questions you have about the school and the program. Before you go, write down your questions and keep adding to the list throughout your visit. When it’s time to talk to the coach, you’ll have your list ready to go, rather than trying to come up with questions on the spot. Here some examples of questions you might want to ask:

  • What are the athletic and academic requirements? You’re probably well-versed in eligibility requirements—if not, read more about NCAA eligibility requirements. But each coach will have slightly different criteria that they look for in their athletes.
  • What kind of academic support does the athletic program offer? Being a successful student is the most important part of your college career. Make sure that you’ll be set up with the tools you need.
  • What commitments do you expect from athletes in the off-season or during holidays? If going home over the holidays and for summer break is important to you, then you need to know what commitment level is expected during these times.
  • What is your coaching and training style? By this point, you’ve probably played for a few different coaches with various coaching styles. And you probably know what kind of approach works best for you. Remember: The coach has to want you on their team, but you also can choose a team that best fits what you’re looking for.
  • Will I be able to meet any current athletes? It’s important to see the team dynamics, if possible. Do they joke around or are they more serious? Do they hang out on the weekend or do they have separate friend groups?
  • What are the training facilities like? To stay healthy and in shape throughout your tenure as a college athlete, you’ll need access to the right facilities and people.
  • What are you looking for in a recruit? This is your opportunity to find out what spots the coach is trying to fill and ultimately who they want on their team to fill these positions.

To be clear, my son is just starting this chaos, so I have NOT been there and done that, but this is what I would like to know.

1. Am I required to live anywhere specific?  Some schools have a baseball "house", others say in the dorms, others say they don't care, some make you room with a baseball player.

2. If I take THIS major do you think I can graduate on time or am I required to take summer or winter school?  Do you have a cap on the credits per semester I am allowed to take?

3. Can I bring my car as a freshman? (My school had FAR away parking for freshman)

4. What is your training schedule like?  Will there be 6am weights 6 days a week should probably be known up front.

5. How much school will I be missing for away games, and are the teachers supportive about that?

Congrats to you!!! Hope one of those schools ends up being a great fit for you! As for questions, I think a lot depends on what you hope to accomplish as a student and athlete at said school. I know my son wanted to know about player development. What is their track record in terms of developing players? Do they do their best to provide all players multiple opportunities to perform in games and prove themselves?

In terms of academics, do they support players who choose to challenge themselves academically? Do they have a quality academic support system in place?

Just a few for you. Again, congrats!!!


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