A little update...
Going to his coach was a good thing. He made the choice on his own, did it and lived through the repercussions. For awhile I think some of the guys assumed it was him, but he didn't care what they thought. Things did calm down for awhile. They found someplace else to do their partying and only did it at their place once in awhile.

However, they were still majorly rude, inconsiderate pigs. They left a week before my son for Christmas and left every single dish, pot, pan and utensil dirty in the sink, on the counters and the stove! And they were going away for a month! The son went ahead and cleaned it all so he could have a week in his apartment with his friends.

Now I know that lots of people have room mate horror stories, but they kicked it up a notch when they got back from Christmas break. His two room mates and another kid were involved with something I consider to be very, very bad and disgusting so we as parents called the coach and he has been moved out of his apartment into one with hopefully more decent kids.

I am proud that he made his own decisions in telling the coach. I'm also proud that he didn't care what the repercussions would be in being a 'tattle tale'. He stood up for what was right and did it with confidence.

I am just thrilled that he is out of what had the potential to now be a life threatening situation and is in a new place.

I'd like to thank all of you that helped me through this when it was first happening. It was great to be able to come here for a shoulder to lean and cry on about it and to get different perspectives. You all are great! Razz
Hoovemom - glad that things have worked out well in the end for your son. It can be so difficult dealing with the emotions involved in moving them away for that first time.... then add a concern about their safety and wellbeing, it becomes a nightmare. I hope your son has grown from the experience and is able to put focus elsewhere enjoying his spring to the fullest!
Shortstopmom, stay on that soapbox! I don't know anything about the dynamics of college baseball,but in real life people are hurt by excess drinking. My mother was killed by a drunk driver and I applaud Hoovermom's son for getting involved, who knows he just may have saved someones life.
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FYI...www.centurycouncil.org produces some great materials on college drinking. Alcohol 101 is educational, interactive with "Virtual Bar" that shows kids what happens after each drink. Discusses Alcohol poisoning, myths about sobering up, hazing, etc. "Brandon's Story" is a video about an athletes struggle & courageous battle now that his life has been changed forever!

"If you don't stand for someting, you'll fall for anything"...a saying around our house...
Hoovmom, I'm very happy for you & your son and applaud his "stand"!
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Hoovmom15--Thank you for bringinf this issue up and to everyone who contributed stories/advice. My son will be going in August and we were thinking of a single room for just this reason. But do Coaches advise against that so the boys will bond. I know my son has ha hard enough time with this issue in high school let alone living with someone who may drink. For those that have boys already there, have you seen many/any fresman living by themselves?

Thanks again Hoovmom15 and everyone else! Mines great about walking away from the issue but if it's living with him, it will be more difficult.
NRP - I think just knowing that your son takes good values and trusting him to make good choices is most important. We all hear the stories of the kids gone bad, but truth is your son will meet many more great kids that are on good paths making mature decisions than the opposite.

Having an open line of communication with him in case things go wrong or he makes a poor choice is most important IMO.

As far as the rooms go, it might be good for your son to talk to some other players or inquire when he talks to the coach next, about what is the preferred housing arrangement for players.

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