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Few pitchers are throwing this hard on any high-school team, the best are throwing 85 and there is a big drop off after taht i would say the average is around (72 or 73). Remember average is everyone, I'd say in the eighties if you have any ambition to go anywhere, scouts need to see some velocity. The thinking is that you can teach movement but you can't teach someone to throw that hard. Plus most pitching coaches can add five to ten MPH to your fastball the next stage is getting good movement. So John J your wrong but you are right in the aspect that anyone with a chance of moving on averages about that.

Hope This Helped!!!

P.S.----One of the best pitches in baseball, SPLITTER!!! Throw it, use a softball to stretch ur ligaments then find the grip on the ball for more info just ask!

That is for seniors

From my experience the elite pitchers in HS (JR/SR) are all above the 85 MPH mark--yes there are some over 90 but the vast majority are in the 85 to 88 range

At the FR/SO level I have seen arms over the 90 mark but the top notch pitchers at the FR/SO level are in the 80 to 85 range.


There is no average high school speed. You would have to know the speed of every pitcher in high school baseball to get the average. No one knows that. The very best of course throw much better than 85. BetterthanJeter, 72-73 for a high school senior is lower than average. Anything less than 72 is very slow, shouldn't be pitching. Dangerous advice about throwing the splitter by BetterthanJeter. Most high school pitchers who are still growing should STAY AWAY from the split. It is very hard on the arm especially the elbow in young pitchers.
'07 crafty lefties dad:

I've seen guys that throw over 90 in their early high school years, but, most of the time, their arms are finished by their senior year in high school. Think of what throwing 90 at 14 or 15 years old can do to an arm. Throwing at that speed has a high risk of messing up undeveloped bone, ligament, tendon, and muscle tissue. It is best to not worry about velocity. Roger Clemens was throwing 81 mph when he graduated high school. Besides, your boy is a lefty and based upon the draft leftie's average velocites were 3-5 miles an hour less than right hander's. This puts the arm velocity he needs to get looked at would have to be around 87-91. this velocity is similar to James Howser who went 2nd round last year. But the key to really getting looked at is having command of at least three of your pitches with some good fastball movement and deceptive off-speed pitches.
Presently, I am a high school junior that just turned 16 and a lefthander, I am consistently 83-88, depending on the rest I have had in between starts, and have been recruited by almost 30 of the top D-1s in the country. So, don't worry about velocity, worry about how well he hits his spots and his movement on his pitches. That will get him further than throwing a ball through a brick wall, but misses the brick wall everytime because he has no control.

P.S. This is the lhp, not the momoflhp.
the average is around (72 or 73)

72-73..?? That is the average for 13-14 yo old travel teams in So Calif.. Most of the top 12 yo's throw low 70s... around here.

So I guess it really depends on the area.

The top P on most HS teams in our area throw upper 80s or more. And the slowest is throwing at least 79-80. Plus if you are throwing low 80s you better have great control and some other pitch or you will get hammered.

I estimate the average in So Cal for Varsity pitchers is 84-85. And there are very few if any that can't throw at least 80.

Now for the question of ELITE pitchers at each grade level... Remember San Diego has produced recent Pitchers such as Prior and Zito. But My son's high school runs a summer camp for JR HIGH age and incoming Freshman. Each session they clock every ones throwing velocity from the mound. They keep track of the best players over the last 12-13 years. So for players in the summer between their 8th and 9th grade... The top figure was 84 mph and 12 players that age have thrown 80 mph or better.

I would then estimate adding 2-3 MPH per year from there. With the top few ELITE seniors being able to throw low to mid 90s. Last year SD had Adam Jones throwing 95 and there will be at least a few more this year throwing low 90s
12 Year Olds Throwing 70!!!!
Either there is that much difference between the east and west coast or you have so major Danny Almonte Problems!!!!
The Splitter is a harmless pitch if thrown correct!!!!!! The FORK BALL can harm you arm, the splitter is totally harmless!!!!!
TRHIT you are correct i misspoke, what i meant is to an extent you can't teach a kid to throw hard! You can teach them to throw harder, I throw about 70(not a pitcher) theres no way i'm going to be able to get anywhere near 90 but i know a kid that throws 83 he will be able to get near 90. duel
OPPPPS...sorry for the mis-post

At any rate, there is a reason why half of the draft is from California!
Personally, I've had 10 boys at 72 and up, with 3 over 75 at 12 yrs old.
They ALL are 90 plus at 16-17 yr olds. 2 were 90 plus at 14-15!!!
2 of them, probably 3, will end up having been first rounders...1 down, 2 to go...

On the splitter...growth plates are still not closed/hardened at 17 yrs old. Extremely wary of showing an adolescent this pitch...
If you really need this thing, at this early of an age, to get guys out as-using it as your "out pitch"- you are already DONE, you just don't know it yet....sad, even a bit harsh...but probably true.

Yeah, the draft, in VERY rough terms, is soething like this: 50% California, the next 50% is then: 40% Texas, 40% Florida(appx!!), and the last 10% of the OTHER 50% is THE REST OF THE USA. This is VERY rough, but not too, too, far from reality.

As for the 'Varsity' pitcher aspect, see the quip as to bone maturation.
Getting back to the original thread...the "national average" for HS ptchers is, according to one of my Stanford Alum budddies 3 days ago, is 78 MPH!
There are quotes elsewhere on the board relating the relative differences of "baseline" from FLA, and Ill. Keep the perspective in focus.
Most of those speeds seem to be way too slow for high school. Our select teams for 13 yr old are 70 - 80. The 14/15 year olds are 75-84. The senior varsity players are 85-90+. I've clocked many of them myself with my Jugs.

I suppose though if you averaged out all the total pitchers who can pitch on every team that the counts would go down.

Knowledge is Power! Thank you Mavens and HSBBWEB!
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They are off Nov and Dec, practice for hs in Jan, start playing again Feb. For high schoolers you have your high school season, then summer select and then fall select. Of course this means no football. For 13 and under they will start select ball practice in Jan and some will start playing tournaments in Feb. We always waited til March and end about 1st of September. What about you?

Knowledge is Power! Thank you Mavens and HSBBWEB!
Chicks my season (Junior League ages 19,20,21, but I'm 18, I got called up) begins in April and runs into half way through August, than I take sept/oct and part of novemeber off, and than I begin training mid Nov until April, Since we live in a cold climate we only have the one season which really sucks. I'll be in the Chat room for a while, sinc I've got nothing to do for New Years
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From a good source......I looked at the max pitch speeds for '04s (seniors) at one of PGs 2003 Showcases. Out of 31 pitchers, five threw mid-to-hi 70s, 25 threw somewhere in the 80s, and ONLY ONE hit 90. The average for the group was 83mph. I assume the readings were all taken on the same day with the same gun. If you really want to see what the Joneses are throwing, visit PG and spend time clicking through their numerous Profile Reports - it's fascinating!!

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DOK...If you are 18, why aren't you going to college? If you throw consistently @ 87-90 you need to move. Find a league fast..are you a late HS player? Graduated? RHP or LHP? What about the Canadian teams Ontario Blue Jays...Team Ontario? If you are 18, that is an age that is close to being done if you are not bound for college.

Good Luck!

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I really think most of you are thinking of the average pitch speed for the very top teams in your area. My team was 24-3 last year. Most of the season we were #2 in New Jersey behind the team that wound up #8 in the nation (they are also in our conference). Needless to say, it is very good baseball around here. The average speed on our team last year was around 80, and the average on the team ahead of us was probably 84 or so. Now there are also tons of teams that our JV team could probably beat, and their average speeds are somewhere in the mid 70s probably. Remember an average is ALL teams combined.

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Yeah well it does depend on where you play, I'm from one of the best pitching areas in pretty much the whole country, nearly every team in my district has a 2 or 3 guys that throws 90-94 range with a few who have touched 97-98. Last night i batted against a guy who was clocked at 96 throughout the whole game and he hit his spots. He is projected in the 3rd round of the draft. And just look up Bryce Harper, that kids a freak of nature

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