As a pitcher’s mom, I worry, I stress, I always have Tums or Rolaids and eat them like candy, and I am the perfect candidate for PMS (pitcher’s mom syndrome). Do any of you moms (and Dads) also have a son who is a quarterback? My son should be the starting qb next football season. I find myself so overwhelmed that I can’t stand it. He is a sophomore now and only got about 5 minutes of qb time this past football season. My main worry of course is an injury. I would much rather he play linebacker, which he does very well; I would rather he give out the hits, then receive them. The other worry is the pressure of the qb position. As you all know, it is always the quarterback’s fault, no matter what when wrong in the play. Football fans are worse than baseball fans when it comes to yelling and screaming out insensitive and may I say “stupid” comments. I know as a Mom I will not be able to take this. My options are to listen to an ipod to drown out the comments or sit on the visitor’s side where I can take criticism better from someone who I don’t know. I pray, I pray, for the safety of my children and all children, hopefully through prayer I will be able to get through this. I guess I am just looking for comfort from other parents.
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I lived thur that for 3 years. My son's senior year he decided to give up QB because he wanted to play baseball in college.

My younger son plays both football and baseball but is not a pitcher or QB. I can enjoy his games, only have to drink Maalox before the games not during also!

I like the idea of an ipod to drown out the comments. I think I'll invest in one before the seasons begins
I feel your pain. My oldest was the QB and Catcher on his Varsity team until his senior year when he chose football. Youngest is the one that kille me. He's a sophomore; In football he played bot Varsity & JV. Quarterback on JV and linebacker and did ALL the kicking for Varsity; after playoffs he went to basketball which ended on Tuesday night. He was team capt. and starting forward. Yesterday (Wednesday) he started baseball. He was informed he would play JV and Varsity baseball. He willget his pitching in on JV and some varsity and will play the corners on Varsity.
I know the tums reference well but now I am moving up to the purple pill I keep seeing on t.v.
I would suggest contacting some of the nationally known folks who can help you with this situation. The folks that come to mind are Bud Weiser, Jim Beem, Harvery Wallbanger and some guy named Martini (don’t know his first name).

My son doesn’t play football but I have gone to quite a few games and I cant believe the comments being shouted by parents – it is unreal. Go with the Ipod and bring a chair and sit by yourself somewhere.

Best of luck!
Thanks Ladies

I am sure I will get through this, I just don’t know how. It does help to know that others have gone through it and made it. Ipod is on the shopping list, the lawn chair I have, of course.

Catcher09. I have a real good friend, her name is Margarita, I guess we will have to visit before each football game; we might as well visit before baseball games too.
louisiana09-There is a QB/pitcher for our rival school that we love to hate, but he is a stud. He is 6'5", ~230 lbs, lazer rocket arm....only his name is Henke instead of Manning. yes, he is related to Tom Henke, a nephew I think. He also is a basketball star.

Anyway, I am sure his parents (just like you) are so proud of him they could just bust. They also probably eat Tums like candy just like you.

My son plays football too-he is a linebacker. I just want to agree with the other posters here that football fans are vicious and have very little patience.

Hang on for the ride, the next few years are going to be heart wrenching and thrilling all at the same time.

I would recommend A. Maretto, sour or not, as a good buddy to help you cope. I also like to have a cup of coffee with my friend Bailey.
My son played both football and baseball. On the football team he was a wide receiver and defensive back. Left handed pitcher and outfielder for baseball. The way I look at it is Tums are good for women right? He was a running back and football coach realized that his future was in baseball and moved him to wide receiver (less hits I assume). I never noticed the comments in that sport but for some reason everyone is an expert in baseball and I just go in the outfield, sit by myself, so I can pace, cuss, drink, whatever it takes to get me through a game when he is pitching. He has been injured two times, both playing baseball. You have to live your life.
This has always been a big subject with shortstopmom and her family. Three kids,..all multiple sport athletes. You name it, they play it,..and even double up if they can squeeze it in their schedules. ( ie: Fall baseball while starting Varsity football ) Makes this mom's hair curl, turn gray, & then fall out!! I wont go into details about what it does to my intestines nor will I go into detail about my ulcer which seems to only come & visit me during football season or when one of my friends son's is pitching. ( eeek,..yes its true,... not having a pitcher, but just watching our team pitchers can lead this gal into a two bottle of tums a game addiction! ) Eek
Sometimes I am the designated watcher for the pitcher mom's who are pacing behind the bleachers. I run back and forth sneaking them sips of my Jim Beam giving them details on how their son is doing. They do the same for me when my son is up to bat!! Good ol' Mom's Unite system!!!

I just this year discovered the peacefulness of sitting on the other teams side during the football games. Who woulda thunk that it would be sooo much better over there,..but it IS!!! I SWEAR BY IT!!!
Wish I had discovered this technique years ago.

I no longer hear the coach screaming at my son...
( which makes me want to labotomize the pitiful excuse of a man/coach Mad )

... I no longer hear the crowd screaming at our cheerleaders ( we have a pitiful winning record and I think the parents will take their frustrations out on just about anybody ), blood pressure gets to remain at a decent living level and I am no longer at risk of being arrested for popping an belligerent 350# dad who seems compelled to scream through me obscenities to the coach down on the field and who then ( albeit but never the less ) inadvertantly spills his drink down my back & doesnt have the you-know-whats to say he's sorry as I sit for the remainder of the game soaked in sticky Pepsi.
( not pleasant,..not pleasant at all !!!)

Move on to the other side,..sit waaaaaaaaaaaay up top,..its a very very good thing!!!
I highly recommend it to all moms!!!

While sitting on the otherside is indeed
good, it doesnt solve the worry issue.
I'll give my right pinky toe to ANYONE
who has a solution for that!!!
I still freak out when son gets tackled or makes the tackle for that matter,...either way I sit there with one eye open PRAYING that he gets up from the bottom of the pile and isnt limping!!! I pray when he comes down from that lay up that he lands on his feet just right and doesnt twist an ankle or tork an elbow!!!

He plays wide receiver, point guard, and is also a SS. His looove is baseball,...but its a tradition to play football and basketball.

I have decided to let it be my childrens decision about what sports they play.
( Wrestling was the hardest for me to watch!! Whoaaaa Nelly,..that was painful!! )

If I could have it my way,... I would like to keep all three of them & including my friends children too, all wrapped in bubble wrap, feed them jello so they wont choke, & live an extremely
B-O-R-I-N-G, yet peaceful and with a full head of beautiful brown hair, life!

Unfortunately we all know it isnt a mom only run world. ( shucks!! )

To all the moms out there, ( & to their friends Margarita, sweet & sour, etc. etc. Wink )
I raise my football helmet, basketball jersey, and baseball glove in the air to you!!

We're in this for the long haul,....God bless our kids, every single one of them,...
even the kids from the opposite side,..and with a little help from the powers above ( & perhaps a few watching angles & the manufacturers of Tums ) us Moms will survive,....and so will our sanity!!!

Remember,..we're all in this together!!!

Now, on three, let me hear ya say: T-E-A-M
M-O-M !!!!!
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Shortstopmom, I do believe we are the same person. I laughed and even cried through your post. I can relate to every single statement on every post by every mom. For football, it will be visitor’s side, way at the top. For baseball it will be the usual, all alone down the 3rd base line, killing the grass from my pacing. A couple of years ago my son was playing football, baseball, basketball, so_c_r, and even boy’s softball. We only had 2 weeks in the year that he was not playing something, and yes, I loved it. When he got to high school, he narrowed it down to football and baseball, although baseball is his true love. I would never even mention quitting football to my son, he loves it also.

Prayers do help a lot. During football season, a big group of our football players go to mass at 6:30 am before school on Fridays. After mass our Priest has them come up to the front of church and he blesses the boys and says a prayer for them and the opposing team to keep them safe. I cry every Friday morning. These kids do not have to be in church, they want to be.

Yes, God bless our kids, every single one of them, even the kids from the opposite side.

Momof2catchers, “There is a QB/pitcher for our rival school that we love to hate, but he is a stud. He is 6'5", ~230 lbs, lazer rocket arm”. I am glad we don’t have to love to hate him.

LHpitcher – Tums, we might get a kidney stone from all the calcium, but we will never suffer from osteoporosis

Thanks to all you Moms, talking about it is a big help, and yes, we are all in this together.

Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Based on our son's size as a youth, there was more than one person who commented on a future in bootball* football. Our son's ears would perk up momentarily, until he realized there was actual pain involved.

We also helped our cause immensely through the use of subliminal messaging ... oh heck, let's be honest here ... there was nothing subliminal about it. We came right out and said that it was too dangerous (as were snow boarding, skate bording, and a list of other sports and activities that could cause great bodily harm ) and strongly ... very strongly ... suggested it might not be a good idea. Of course, if he had elected to play an additional sport, we would have brought out the "Other sports for baseball dummies" book and learned what we could as a form of parental support. Fortunately, our son was very impressionable (it helps to start when they are 5 or 6 with those messages) and other than a couple of attempts at basketball and that 'other' sport played on a grassy field, he focused all of his attention on baseball.

(*That was an actual typo that I spotted only after I posted the message ... it is still early here )
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