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Congratulations on your son's selection and signing by the Bucs. Having read these boards over the past few years I know he is a hardworker with a very consistent workout regimen. Would you mind taking a few moments to share some details of his workout specifics that you feel led him to where he is today?
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This is going to sound simplified. He joined Kerry Rosenboom's website. He lifted on a program that I had developed for 2 years. We then switched to Kerry Rosenboom's program. He did Dr. Andrew's shoulder program for shoulder and elbow stability and strength. Here is the link to those 2 programs.

He also religiously trained with the long toss. He did some overload/underload training. Lots of agilities, stretching, and running as well. He believes in throwing or playing catch everyday except the day before a start and even then he does dry work (towel drill, etc). He missed a lot of social time to train. It takes dedication.

Natural, thanks for the kind words!
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On a high school 7 day schedule (pitching once per week)
Day1- Pitch
Day2- Play catch/lift
Day3- Longtoss
Day4- Bullpen (35 pitches)/lift
Day5- Play catch
Day6- Either long toss, bullpen(25 pitches), or overload/underload determined by need/lift.
Day7- Dry work. Towel drill balance, drills, etc
Day1- starts over

Run or stationary bike every day except a pitching day.
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