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My son played in the CCL and had teammates who played in Northwoods. I believe they both play around 50 games and travel a lot so both are a grind and will give a player a feel for what the minor leagues are like.

As someone posted the CCL teams are spread out so there is a lot of travel. There is also a big difference in the quality of the teams so he should know in advance which team he is being put on. The Santa Barbara Foresters are usually the class of the league and there is frankly no better place in the world to be during the summer than SB. They play at the UCSB stadium, or at least used to.

The San Luis Obispo Blues used to also be very good but I looked and they appear to have dropped. San Luis Obispo is a long way from all of the other teams so they will likely have more overnight travel.  The Orange County team seems to also be a very competitive team.

The league winner plays in the summer Collegiate World Series so a long season gets even longer for the top team. There is also a CCL All Star game that is heavily scouted by pro teams.

Post or IM the team he is supposed to be on and I can provide some more insight.

My son was a SLO Blue last summer. Terrific experience with big home crowds, excellent atmosphere. Don't believe they've dropped, though.

For the CCL, a handful of the teams from Northern California split off and are part of a new collegiate league, the Pacific Empire League. My son was supposed to play in this league before he had his surgery. He does have a couple of teammates who are still supposed to play in the league. It looks like the CCL is now predominately a Southern California league with a few teams around the bay area.

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