My name is Joe Arnold I am currently a co owner and parter in getmynameout and the Utica Brewers franchise I was the head coach at Florida for eleven years also east coast scouting supervisor for the Yankees for eleven years and won four world series I won two NCAA world series as the head coach at Florida Southern. I did not expect this conversation to take this route nor did I intend or want it to.
i must say when i logged on to the internet today and saw the amount of disrespectful messages from jimmy and others on this forum i was disappointed and it left a bad taste in my mouth about this forum overall

i had mentioned several times that i never intended to be pompous that was disregarded

Most of my work on this website has been done through private messaging and making phone calls to college coaches and scouts that I know to provide assistance for families who ask questions

I felt the need to clarify a few issues on this topic and did so respectfully as I have received messages of thanks for the information. Typing on the computer is a tough way to express an opinion being there is no mood or emotion as I have said before

Once again if you have questions feel free to message me.
Going through the draft process this season, as a parent I can say I appreciate your insights and did not find any of your posts to be negative in any way. From reading your last post, one might realize you have quite the experience with baseball in all regards.
Originally posted by UticaBrewersGM:
Your statement is wrong about not signing after a certain period in the draft.

Please go back and tell me where I was wrong and why I should be ignored?
I will refer you to Dad04's post, you don't have to have a player go through the draft to understand some things. Understand that my parents point of view is going tobe different from someone who used to get paid for drafting kids that probably shouldn't have been drafted.

Besides Jimmy (since you named him),who else sent disrespectful messages? I am not sure I beleive that to be true.

UBGM deserves respect for his experience, he needs to give back that respect as well.

Sorry, JMO, the intention here is for business purposes, nothing more.
Originally posted by UticaBrewersGM:
i must say when i logged on to the internet today and saw the amount of disrespectful messages from jimmy and others on this forum i was disappointed and it left a bad taste in my mouth about this forum overall

1.The number of messages from Jimmy and others? How many others? How many from Jimmy? The only message I sent you was in response to the unsolicted one you sent me.

2. Those posts here that weren't the a$$kissig you apparently expected, were due, in part to you pompous and, at times, incorrect posts to parents who have weathered the system and found it to operate, at times, in a manner contrary to your insistence, and your ID as a GM of an organization that does not list you as the GM.

3. If you'd like a clean slate to start over, there's one available. Lose the know it all attitude and accept that there are others with factual, although different experiences than yours.
Wow this thread has gone off the bend since the original post!

In reply to the original poster, obviously scouts have seen your son since they are at most of your games to see another player as you stated. However if you haven't filled any questionaires out then I would think its pretty slim. Also at about this time I would think they would be asking how committed to school your boy is. My personal opinion is if you have a scholarship for baseball and are a late pick then its really not worth skipping school. May as well get the education and hopefully improve over the next 3 or 4 years. Because if you can't make it in college then you arne't going to make it in pro ball.

Just my two cents on the info you provided.
Joe - first of all, welcome to the hsbbweb!

One thing to keep in mind here is that the collective wisdom of the board in the aggregate is probably in the hundreds if not thousands on a standard IQ test. Thus, if you are a genius with an IQ, say around 130 or 140, it will still fall short of the collective IQ of the board. Everyone is a genius if the subject pertains to something they have personal experience with as it relates to a given topic. Thus, one topic, you may be the most knowlegable, and the next two topics, someone from California or Illinois is the most knowlegable.

We have some of the top scouting professionals in the world here as members and I would put PGStaff in that category and he has many times acknowledged that he is not the expert on a given subject. That is kind of how it works here. We all work "collectively" to solve problems and electronically interact as a community.

I feel you have LOTS to offer here. Thanks for being a member but also remember that everyone contributes in some form or another. It's all good
Originally posted by YoungGunDad:

I think Joe has espoused some very good knowledge on the subject at hand, and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.


Really,what knowledge has he provided that you have never heard here?

You are telling me that EVERY player is drafted for future ML potential yet after a certain round the GM leaves and the guys put their feet up on the table, read the paper and eat their ham sandwiches. Pretty serious stuff for picking out future major leaguers, huh?

No they do that because those later guys just have to be decent enough to play with their money prospects. yes once in awhile a prospect slips and he gets paid good money and yes most know that ALL ML contracts regardless have to have a stamp of approval from MLB. And yes every once in a while you will find a future star, not too much these days, things have changed, tools for scouting have changed.

Now don't get me wrong we have seen many get drafted late, then go to school to grow up and improve and now playing in the upper levels, that really has nothing to do with the original question asked.

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