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My 16yr old was offered a spot on a team with Coast to Coast baseball, for team USA. They go to Australia, and Puerto Rico and that, but I am curious as to how they are. Of course, his Fed. Travel coach told us it was one of those pay out the bottom, and get nothing in return leagues, but I am curios if anyone out there has gone. What it is like? and is it legimate?
Thanks for any feed back.
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Coast to Coast is 'legit' - one of the best baseball experiences my son participated in (Puerto Rico). Unlike a lot of other baseball "junkets", kids do not make the team unless they are good. The tryouts are well run. I was kind of surprized at the kids that were not offered spots.

Extremely well run and organized, excellent competition, accomodations excellent, coaching and training staff excellent.

Coast to Coast won't get your son a lot of 'exposure'; it will get him a great baseball and cultural experince. However - there were a fair number of college coaches on staff when my son played, and his coach (D2 recruiting coordinator) made several recommendations and offered himself as a reference.

As a side note, one of the P.R. umpires remembered my son from the 2003 16/u NBC World Series. It's a small world, and coaches and other baseball people do get around...

PM me if you want more info.
My son was also offered a spot. I had never heard of the organization before; but when he got the invitation, his high school coach encouraged him to tryout just for the experience and the evaluation.

Now that he made it; I'm not quite sure what to do (I'm a single mom - and it's a little on the expensive side). But if someone can tell me it will truly be worth it, I will get busy doing some major fundraising.
lineshot: Although Coast to Coast is offering a showcase this year, that is not their primary business. They offer a well-run, competitive baseball and cultural experience in Puerto Rico, Australia and Hawaii. They are what they advertise to be - and then some. Expensive? I don't think so given the level of competition, coaching, accommodations, transportation, staff/trainers, restaurants, etc., not to mention the cultural experience, which is priceless. My son would do it again if time and circumstances permitted, and that speaks volumes to me. While Coast to Coast was his first 'international rodeo', it wasn't his last. He has not thought enough about some of his other experiences to say he would do them again. Having been fortunate enough to experience this myself, I would do it again as well.

As far as the showcase they offer - that might be a different story. I can't speak to that. What I can say is what 99% of the posters on this forum would say - PG probably has the best showcase / exposure for the money.

As far as baseball and showcases being such a big business, that happened a while back. Who is getting rich I don't know. I do know they are here to stay for a while. The showcases, travel teams, etc. are not holding a gun to our heads. We as parents spend our money freely as we see fit.

In conclusion I'd like to say that my son was able to truly relax and enjoy some pretty competitive baseball with Coast to Coast. He made some new friends from different parts of the globe.It was truly a fun experience for him.
My son went to Puerto Rico with Coast to Coast in 2002 with the 16 under team. It was a wonderful experience. The coaching and competition was excellent. They have tryouts all over the U.S. and only took one team of 14 boys. The boys worked hard all week. Practice after breakfast until 12:00, had lunch, a meeting, dinner and games at night. After the games the locals would bring out home cooked meals for all to enjoy. It was strange though, they don't shake hands after the games.

The boys had an opportunity to go to Old San Juan one day and adults had a half day at the Bacardi Rum factory.

If you can afford it, go. Your son will never forget it.
I was actually good to see this as a topic. I'm new to this sight, and this being my first post *big smile*
My son just tried out for coast to coast yesterday as a 16 year old pitcher. The tryouts were run very well, and I was very happy at the professionalism. I did contact the headcoach asking for his scores from the tryout, which was already responded and sent. My son traveled this summer to Holland to play baseball with People to People Sports Ambassadors, and although the baseball wasn't the key element in going, the cultural aspect was a trip of a lifetime for him. So will we consider this one, yes, but hope to hear from other parents as well on their players experiences.
This isn't Baseball, But, My 16 yr.old daughter tried out last weekend for the Coast to Coast Softball team (the boys were trying out for baseball after the girls got thru)...I was impressed with the coaches and the way the tryouts were run...IF she makes the team I will do my Best to see that she gets the chance to go...It is a combined trip to Hawaii AND Australia...and I intend to tag along! Wink
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I'm sorry, but the Coast to Coast baseball deal
is not very good. The fields you play on in Puerto Rico are terrible. Maybe, if you are lucky, you will spend one day at the "good" field which really is a nice park.
I know personally this thing is done for the money. The teams aren't really very good.
The staff is good, with many experienced coaches
who are doing the coaching in exchange for free
travel. They do not get paid a salary.
Your kids need to stay home and play infront of
the scouts in your area. That is how you get noticed, not playing in a poor neighborhood
in PR.

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