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Scenario is: Runner on First, batter hits a comebacker that the pitcher fields and spins to start the double play, but neither the SS or 2B have moved.  The SS then breaks for the bag but the P leads him too far and he can’t reach it.  Everyone is safe.  I scored this as Fielders choice and error on the Pitcher, because he threw the ball.  Could it be an error on the SS instead?  

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There are some scoring rules in baseball that are stupid.  There should be somewhere for mental errors.  Son has not given up a run this year and had a ball pop up in the bermuda triangle last week.  Right between second, CF, and RF.  All three stood there and watched it fall.  They literally were 5 feet apart and no one tried for it.  Easy fly ball.  It was a hit.  Brought in another pitcher and let it score so first hit and first Earned run.  Should be able to say easily catchable ball but everyone goes by the rule if it does not touch a glove it is a hit.

In your situation, I say mental error on SS but can't put it.

I believe about the only scoring where a throw is put on the receiving player is first base.  I could be wrong  - but I think I've seen the error on a low online throw that bounces within easy reach and scoop of a first baseman be given to him.  It is at least in many coaches eyes the responsibility of the first baseman to make those plays.  I know I've heard my former coach mention more than once, "that one's on firstbase".

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When I kept the book, I found this reference invaluable.

This is a link to the official scoring rules. See page 123. Missed bounced balls (on a throw) are scored as throwing errors.  No need to touch the ball for it to be scored as an error. The rules do not provide for mental errors, with an exception as described.

That being said, a ball player’s defense cannot be judged by his stats alone.

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