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Happy thanksgiving to all! In a little over a year on this site, I have gone from the father of a freshman looking forward to spring tryouts to the dad of a 2019 D1 commit at a top national program! I am thankful of all the help and wisdom I have received along the way....I will say this...there is no ONE way to do this! My son got where he is by A believing in his skill set even if it doesn't fit the 90mph set at 15, B listening to all the wisdom put forth on this site even though, as a newbie we didn't always believe and C using this site for tips and tricks that we mixed together to make a recruiting plan that worked for us and our budget, one that was strongly enhanced by folks on this site! Thanks to all who have interacted with me this past year and helped me understand the path to my son's dream!

Happy thanksgiving all!  Thankful for my amazing grandson.  He helped develop my son into a man and an amazing father.  I was so embarrassed and is still somewhat hard to admit that my son got his girlfriend pregnant.  He was supposed to be a baseball player.  But this has done more for him then baseball was ever going to do for him.

im thankful for all the advice in this sight.  I’m hoping my 2027 can benefit from it, which he has a great chance too.

I'm grateful to the site for the free and generous sharing of information. Thanks, everyone, for your contributions!

Back at ya Smoke and the entire HSBBWeb community!

Speaking of smoke, yesterday I spatchcocked our Thanksgiving turkey on our pellet grille.  Spatchcocking was a new word and process for me.  The smoked turkey came out to rave reviews from the entire family.  There was nothing left but a carcass!  We'll be doing the same for future Holidays!

Youtube Spatchcocked Turkey -

@Dominik85 - try this when you're back in the good ol' USA!

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I missed the Thanksgiving wishes and now it’s Crazed Capitalism Day…

It’s never too late to be thankful. I’ve been blessed with way more than I deserve and I’m beyond grateful for the unearned blessings.

This forum has been a fun way to stay engaged in the baseball parent community, offer some varied perspectives and at times be entertained. Just like a cowbell, I think we need more @IAmThatGuy

I hope everybody had a great holiday!

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