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I spoke to a friend today as he was driving home from Grand Junction CO after watching his son’s McLennan CC team win the JuCo World Series. His son (Jack) pitched (and won) the semifinal game vs Crowder. We didn’t talk about any of that. He told me about something that happened to Jack during the week. At some point while the team was on the field (between games I’m guessing) Jack noticed a young boy and his mom just hanging around. The boy had a baseball glove with him so Jack asked if he wanted to play catch. The boy was all wide eyed but Jack found a safe place on the field and they played catch for a while. For the rest of the week Jack spoke to the boy every time he saw him, calling him by name every time. After the Championship game was over last night the boy and his mom waited 90 minutes for the post game ceremonies to be over to congratulate Jack. When saying their goodbyes the boy handed something to Jack. Before he could see what it was the mom told Jack how much his kindness had meant to the boy and how they both wanted Jack to have what the boy gave him. Jack took off his McLennan team hat, placed it on the boys head, and they parted ways. Only then did Jack look to see what was in the little package the boy gave to him. It was a service medal that had been awarded to his father, who lost his life while defending our country. D0479D70-9296-4237-8E74-9565073A6D6E


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@2022NYC posted:

Great story. What a day for Jack.

Couldn’t be happier for him! On top of everything else it’s a story of personal vindication for Jack. He played for Baylor during his freshman year in 2020 and scholarship was taken from him after the season was over. The real reason for that was because Baylor coaches wanted to find some money to give to a returning senior. But what they said to Jack in so many words was that they questioned his character. Isn’t that ironic?!?

@PTWood posted:

What a wonderful story all the way around.

The power of sports is incredible. The story I told could happen around any sport - theoretically. But it seems to happen in baseball more than all the other sports combined. That’s why I love baseball more than any other sport. You never know when something you do can have a positive impact on another life.

Yesterday, a kid that played on our team in HS made his major league debut.  All day I thought about the emotions I know his parents are feeling.  At his first at bat, he hit a 2 run HR and I got a huge lump in my throat.  Not even my kid, but yes, baseball brings out emotions.  So happy for them.  Couldn't have scripted it better.

Bumping this thread in honor of Memorial Day. Seems appropriate as the JuCo WS has games today in Grand Junction. As an aside, here is an update on Jack - the main character in the OP. He actually hurt his shoulder pitching the semifinal game in the ‘21 JuCo WS. He had surgery on his labrum but it never returned to full health. The game described in the story was the last one he ever played.

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