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If a position player’s vision falls below 20/13 he will usually wear contacts to maintain his ability to see the rotation on the pitch. Do MLB umpires wear contacts to call balls and strikes? Or do they just not worry about getting fooled by pitches and making bad ball/strike calls?

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Is this just another way to say  "Umpire needs glasses"? 

I'd rather see them in single vision contacts then old guys in glasses with progressive or bifocals.  I had to play a game a few years ago and didn't have my contacts,  so was wearing my progressives, the ball jumped like 5 inches on me while i was fielding a ground ball, clipped me in the wrist and I didn't make the play... The glasses really messed me up and caused the error,  that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

@fenwaysouth posted:

Canon HDTV Lenses (CANON'S FLAGSHIP XJ27X6 used by MLB Network) And BU-45H Remote-Control Cameras don't need glasses! 

I'd love to see it just to end the ridiculousness that is catcher framing, which does jack, and the analysis that says it does is so flawed it means nothing.  And this coming from the Dad of a Catcher and Catcher turned pitcher.  It's just eyewash.

Just implement it already, do it like tennis, still have the umpire wearing an earpiece that says ball or strike, let him just repeat what the system says.  You need a home-plate umpire to manage the game and make all the other calls he's responsible for.

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