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At face value I would think the Big 12 has better exposure due to some of the teams in the conference. But the 2023 numbers of players drafted and players on MLB rosters (Big 12 v Big 10) is very similar. Of course, one year doesn’t make an absolute.

What the decision comes down to is where he thinks he’s more likely to get on the field and show his stuff.

My son was at Nebraska 2018-2020, I think. Anyway, Lincoln is a great city, and the stadium and faculties are great.

Two things. Lincoln is a very homer area. Meaning if say your son and a kid from the area are equal talent wise, or maybe your kid is a little better, good luck. Because there is going to be a lot of pressure to play the local talent. Second, the team hasn't exactly torn it up lately. If you go to some of the NU baseball forums you'll see a lot of "better turn it around" post. So, from a dad who's "been there, done that" big scholarship+new coach=look for new team.

Lots of factors to consider, depending upon how they matter to this athlete.  A pitcher will likely face better hitters in the Big 12, and will play in front of bigger stadiums and crowds on conference road trips.  Also weather will most likely be warmer at most Big 12 venues.  But the better home field crowds will almost certainly be at Nebraska and their field is a really nice facility. 

@adbono posted:

Facilities are more like what you would expect at a mid major.

But in reality aren't they really a mid-major that resides in a P5? That said there are perks in the P5. Success wise Nebraska baseball is no better than Indiana State, or less considering this year. But when you consider the perks he received at NU.. a stipend, bats, gloves, Oakley glasses, clothing... the amount of red socks, batting gloves, warmup jackets we had laying around... it was stupid.

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