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Bob -

What a smile your post brought to my face... All those names from the past, and all the memories.. late night chatrooms when blizzards were hitting, draft day, we were all here sitting on the edge of our seats to see which on of our "sons" would be drafted, early signing day... did the phone ring.. armadillo's and sunglasses Smile, and on and on...

I had the great pleasure of spending a day with you, and I treasure that day now more than ever. What you have done for the thousand of baseball players will never be repeated and no one can ever thank you enough.. So my friend I can only wish you luck, send love your way and pray only for the very best for you, your lovely wife and family.. It as been a true honor and I love ya!!!

BTW - You will never be the former head cook and bottle washer.. you are the original and only one!!!

Remember, if your ever in VA, you have our number!!

Thanks Bob!!!!

THanks, Bob, for the walk through the memories. It has been a wonderful time and one made more special because of people like yourself and the others on this website who have shared so much of themselves over the years. THis has been a unique experience I will never forget, and one for which I will always be grateful.
Thanks, Bob!

I have only posted a few times over the past years but have been an avid reader for at least 2 years. I never thought of a person starting this site-a human being, a person so decidated to young baseball dreams to think of the subject headings and the necesary topics for parent, players, coaches would find usefull. I just thought it appeared out of nowhere! How foolish of me. Although I dont know you personally, this site has given me tremadous insight into the baseball environs, the parents behind the kid, the coaches and dedicated folks across the country willing to share their dreams, frustrations, knowledge, pain and joy!!
Hats off to you all! And to MN-mom -we know its the woman behind baseball that creates the true
mystique of the game-good luck to you also,

Did you know that most playwrights love baseball more than any other sport?

Thanks for the board, Bob

I did not find this site until this year; since then I have been hooked. When I thought about getting into coaching, one of my former coaches told me, "most people you meet in baseball are great people." Your site has proven that time and again. I enjoy the insights of the websters and occasionally add my own 2 cents(which is probably all it's worth!) Congratulations on your contribution to the baseball world.
Bob - I just returned from a very exciting road trip for my son's college team. They ended up winning two out of three games against a very high-ranked team, which has hopefully assured them a chance to move on to post season play. Throughout the rollercoaster weekend, I kept thinking about this site and how much it has meant to me and my son. You and the folks on this site helped me immensely as our family navigated through the mystery of the college draft and I cannot begin to thank you enough. The friends I have met on this site - both in and out of the Ladies Lounge, are priceless. While I 'lurk' a bit more than I used to, I don't think I miss too much (as your site manager can attest to, I'm sure). I do a little speaking to organizations and often use this site as my best example of what 'community' really is. By design or default, you have created a very special place - and I'm proud to be a member. One last thing; as my son's team was getting ready to board their bus this evening on the way to the airport, he asked if I had heard what the Stanford score was. When I said 'no', he just looked at me and said, 'Don't you have any baseball mom's that you can call and find out?' And of course, thanks to you, Bob, I did...

My best to you and your family.

P.S. In my opinion, you could not have chosen a better person to turn the reigns over to, Bob - thank you for making such a wise choice! applaude

I haven't been an active participant on the HSBBWeb site but have enjoyed reading & learning from it the past few years. I decided to read the BB this morning after not viewing it for a while & was surprised to see you had decided to hang it up and apparently turn it over to MN-Mom. I have to say two things--thank you for providing the BB and all the baseball info over the years, AND, you couldn't have chosen a better person and webster to pass the torch to.

I've known MN-Mom for several years as our sons played ball together during the summer months. She is a genuinely kind, friendly, generous and tech-saavy baseball fanatic. She has no agenda other than to enjoy helping others reach their goals and she takes great joy in seeing them succeed.

Again, thanks for providing baseball parents a place to meet & learn, and congratulations on making an outstanding decision in Julie.

I was a long time reader, but a I'm a neophyte poster. This site has been a God-send. I've learned a lot and, due to the ages of my boys (16 and 13) I hope to learn more!

I'm very relieved this site will continue and can think of no one more "worthy" of carrying on the what appears to have been your original intent: To help the players pursue their dreams...and, incidentally, their sometimes overwhelmed, and always less than perfectly knowledgable parents. MN-MOM, many thanks for your kind words, messages and e-mails in the past, and many MORE thanks for "stepping up to the plate" (pun intended) to carry on this fine tradition.
Thank you Bob!
You have touched so many families over the years with your humor, kind heart, and guidance in the world of HS baseball! This family is very thankful to have been a part of this community!
Smile applaude

Chapter II awaits us. Thank you for taking the helm and allowing HSBBW to remain "open for business" to help many more families yet to arrive at the recruiting doorstep!
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As your last day at the helm of this incredible site draws to a close, I must put my frayed emotions on hold (my son graduated from college a week ago, just after you posted your news---you and the friends I have made here have been with me through the agony and the ecstasy of it all) and join the team in abundant thank-you's and wishes for all good things to one who has brought SO much to SO many.

I can't thank you enough. God bless you and your family. You hit this one out of the park!!
applaude clap applaude clap applaude clap
Who is Bob? This may sound strange to some but Bob makes no reference to himself on the HSBBW other than to author some articles and describe how the HSBBW started. There is no article that says: "Hi I'm Bob, I created the HSBBW". I guess we who have been here a long time assume everyone knows that. Maybe this article will explain a little about Bob and why he created the HSBBW. (I added the first sentence)
Hi my name is Bob Howdeshell. I created the High School Baseball Web and it went "online" in February of 1998. The reason it was created is this;

After wearing out several search engines I found that there was very little information about the high school baseball experience.

As the father of a potential college and/or professional baseball player I could find very little about the college recruiting process or the way the Major League Baseball free-agent player draft worked.

Having no knowledge about website design or how to begin "getting an internet site up and running" I foolishly set out to start a high school baseball only place in cyberspace.

Now over five years later, with our oldest son recently graduating from college having completed a career as a football linebacker at an NCAA Division III college and our youngest son heading into his senior year of college as the starting shortstop on an NCAA Division I college baseball program, I offer my experiences, thoughts and comments on the "ride." AND most importantly with the help of many wonderful people we have been able to form a community of people that share the same passion for high school baseball.

This site does not sell or promote ANYTHING! We don't bombard you with banner ads or "pop-ups." It is run the way we like to see web sites. All information on this site is free.

Welcome to the site ... Visit our message board forums and ask questions, share ideas and experiences. That's what makes this site special. Folks sharing information and ideas.

With a total of 450,000 high school players at 14,800 high schools we're a pretty small group. Add in a few alumni, some professional scouts, the occasional college coach and the true fan and you'll find that we're a close knit group!
Originally posted by Fungo:
Who is Bob? This may sound strange to some but Bob makes no reference to himself on the HSBBW other than to author some articles and describe how the HSBBW started. There is no article that says: "Hi I'm Bob, I created the HSBBW". I guess we who have been here a long time assume everyone knows that. Maybe this article will explain a little about Bob and why he created the HSBBW.

Sorry Fungo. I was trying to add a bit of humor.
Hi all,
Haven't popped in for a while, so was surprised by the news. Bob, thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years. I started here just after the sight was opened and what a wealth of information and sharing that helped our son reach his dream of college ball. Again, a heartfelt thank you!!!
Eek worm


I've been off for a while and busy with the kids (including Matt's TJ surgery on 5/24).
The information you've provided on this site has helped our family understand the ins and outs of hsbb, establish wonderful contacts in the bb community, realize that if our son stayed academically focused he could qualify to play D1 baseball, (and as an "oh by the way" here's the entire NCAA BB link list) basically serve as a 'be all/see all" that's going on with hsbb, it's amazing.

It's also amazing how from your heart, you have spent what I know is countless hours over the keyboard assembling what I know is perhaps one of the greatest websites on the internet.

I know you have helped hundreds of families through the years find out what it means to play hsbb, and what it might mean to play beyond (either in college or professionally)

I provide this salute to you sir, worm Big Grin party applaude clap greenjump greenjump

and wish to express my sincere thanks...

On a side and secondary note, I have a wide collection of info and data on the TJ procedure (including a detailed report that Matt's Dr (David Altchek) co-authored with the crew from the Hospital for Special Surgery (what a great team). I'd be more than happy to talk w/any parent who might be facing this with their son, just send me a quick pm or email...

Matt begins his rehab in a few weeks then it's off to Wagner in late August...

You helped us tremendously in this journey, and we are forever grateful .


Jim Watson
I haven't been on for a long ,long time. I was surprised to see the news. I will say it has been a pleasure through out the years. I found this site way back in the rival years.. I think it was rival? and continued through the years. I was a reader more than a writer but would toss in my 2 cents now and then. This has been a great site,my son went through travel ball, high school ball,Connie Mack W.S, Babe Ruth W.S, recruiting and still going in college ball through out this time.. I have met new people and have seen some of the member's kids playing now ....Took others experiences and applied them and gave some of mine to others. I have recommended this site to up and coming ball families more than I can count.It has been relaxing and fun to be able to sit back and read nothing but baseball. You and your site have guided so many.The members info, sometimes their disagreements and off the wall comments some make are all priceless.
Thanks for your site and your time.
Brett Villalobos
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Thanks so much for this wonderful site. My son found this website last winter and passed along the information to me. I have read many articles and posts and have thoroughly enjoyed all the relevant information along with the knowlegeable people and warm, caring atmosphere.
While I have been reading posts and enjoying others' questions and responses, it hasn't been until recently that I felt secure enough to venture into my own posting. I always jumped to General Discussions and never paid much attention to the Announcements category.
I was caught completely offguard when I stumbled onto your post. Luckily, I kept reading as was able to calm all my initial fears.
Bob, Thanks again for putting together such a WONDERFUL site and with all the best motives - helping boys and families realize their dreams with no selfish, personal motives of your own. I have been so impressed with all the information I have gleamed in the past months.

Thanks also to MN-mom for stepping up and continuing the site. You don't know the fear that was going through my mind as I was reading Bob's post. Thanks again for keeping on!!

Thanks also for welcoming me!

God Bless you both!
Altough I have not been a big poster I have truly enjoyed all the time I have spent on this site. The people and info have been great. This has made the never ending baseball journey a complete joy. My son is going into his junior year in high school and the best is yet to come. Thank you for all your efforts and passion. Someone has some very big shoes to fill.

Again many many thanks!

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