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This is amazing.  I understand that this player switch hits, too.  My son and I have discussed what he would do if the pitcher changed sides while he was going up to bat.  My son prefers to always bat opposite the pitcher, so he would switch - I believe at that point the batter can switch, but once the at bat has started, the pitcher cannot switch again, correct (this happened in the MLB once, I believe)?

Never mind, found it!

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The pitcher is from South Florida. Son told me that he is his favorite amateur player and watched him play often while recruiting.  There is a story about his recruitment and how he ended up at Mississippi State. Something about getting drafted which didn't work out. Not 100% sure on details.

I was up in Gainesville last month when State was there. He was very effective and he beat us. Interesting to watch.

However, there are rules to follow for BHP (as mentioned above) so there was often issues where the ump had to call time. Which can hurt the batter.

Thanks for the article, sent it to Coach!

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