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I was able to listen to a conference call recorded yesterday afternoon in which NCAA Division I representatives provided updates and answered questions for a group of Division I athletic directors and conference commissioners. 

Based on input from the NCAA’s Chief Medical Officer and the NCAA COVID-19 Advisory Panel, we can expect that the current NCAA “Dead Period” prohibiting in-person recruiting activity will be extended beyond the current imposed date of April 15.  We should learn more about that after another NCAA conference call scheduled for April 1. 

Also, discussion of a possible Transfer Waiver which will allow scholarship athletes in Baseball, Basketball, Football and Men’s Ice Hockey a one-time opportunity to transfer and be eligible the following year at another Division I program has been pushed back from the NCAA Division I Council’s April meeting to their June meeting.  Based on comments made on this call, if it's approved in June, the waiver will be available for athletes transferring this summer to have an opportunity to be immediately eligible next year.  

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Bob, I'm not aware of that topic being considered for Division I baseball.  

Obviously, Division I baseball has a 35-man roster limit.  However in D2 and 3 baseball as well as other sports, they don't have restricted roster sizes so they're allowed to have freshman or JV teams if they choose to do so.  

Two specific examples I've been made aware of are an Ivy League school that had a JV football team in the 2018 season and a JV basketball team this year at a D2 college that actually shows 56 players on the roster on their website!!  

The transfer portal isn't available for viewing by the public. 

By the way, when you see bloggers and others who write about sports providing information on which athletes or how many are in the portal (such as high profile athletes in football or basketball) they are either being given that information by the athlete or somebody closely associated with the athlete, or a coach at an NCAA school is giving that blogger their login and password.  

For what it's worth, I've never viewed information in the Portal.  

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