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My son would like to be able to send prospective coaches an internet link to a video of him batting and fielding.  He does not want to upload his video to You Tube.  Aside from sites like PBR or NCSA, what options exist that would allow him to post / remove / update a short video (1-2 minutes), either for free or for a small fee?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Vimeo has a free account option.  What's the problem with YouTube?  Videos can be unlisted, comments can be disabled, as can likes/dislikes. With those settings in place it's a perfectly fine place for a recruiting video IMO. Also, he could embed the video on a webpage using a free web hosting service like Wix.

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For video you take on your own I prefer Vimeo.  I'll also advocate for a service called They are at select tournaments and showcases.  For pitchers it's terrific, they send video of every AB and from two different angles (behind the plate and from 1b or 3b side) so recruiters can get a real sense of speed and technique.  We found this to be very effective and elicited a lot of responses from his emails to coaches.  

@Matt Parry - no problem.  Would also recommend if you can keeping videos short, ideally under 60 seconds each.  I think it’s ok to send a few videos highlighting different skills or sequences, but I suspect coaches tend to shut off quickly.  My guy showed 3 different clips of him pitching (2 strike out sequences and put out) and another of him batting.  Just highlight the best stuff so coaches can get a realistic sense of what your player can do, and keep it tight. 

Just as a note on video — we didn't send game video. We did I think three examples of FB, curve and change up from behind, three of each from the side and three of us from behind the catcher. I shot about 50 of each on my phone, then son and I edited it down in i-movie and then we posted to you tube and in some cases emailed directly to coach. Don't make this any harder that it has to be. Having said that, my son is a pitcher so maybe that was easier.

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