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Edited Tuesday afternoon, October 7, 2008

The thread below was started on Saturday evening as some of Mary Ann's friends became aware of her unexpected setback after cancer surgery.

For those friends who are reading this thread now for the first time, before you read through the many pages, I must share the heartbreaking news that Mary Ann passed away on Monday evening.

So many of us are filled with grief and emptiness at the loss of our very dear friend. Quite a few of our members had the pleasure of knowing Mary Ann beyond her public posts, either through PM's, e-mails, by phone, or having the privilege of meeting her in person. Many of you will share in the pages below how Mary Ann was the first person to warmly, kindly contact you privately to say "I see you are having a hard time, take comfort in this..." and to go on to share her caring advice or just a word of loving support. I know that I have many examples of how Mary Ann did that for me, and in the past few days I have received more messages of how Mary Ann was just helping someone right before her surgery.

We are all so saddened by this loss, many of us having a hard time believing it, and I was left speechless by it as I tried to absorb the news. But I wanted to post this note at the top of the thread to share the following with the few who might not know:

Amid our tears and emptiness, we have this shining ray of hope and joy: Mary Ann was a Christian with a deep and constant faith in her heavenly Father. She knew Jesus Christ as her Savior, and gave us a glimpse of Christ's love in her kind and compassionate ways. Yesterday we lost a wonderful friend. I keep wanting to turn to Mary Ann to talk about this grief but of course she is the one we lost. Mary Ann has gone to her heavenly home; she is resting in paradise today. All our love to you, Mary Ann.


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From Mary Ann's signature:
The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.
Deuteronomy 31:8
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Posted Saturday Oct. 4:

Friends, this is very difficult to type, but we need all of your prayers now for Mary Ann, AKA FutureBack.Mom.

Mary Ann had surgery this past week for lung cancer, and took a turn for the worse last night. Her family is very worried, and we just need your prayers for her healing.

Please pray now.

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Oh,my goodness, Mary Ann, you have my complete attention to prayer and thought until you have made it over the hump to being released home.
You are in my constant prayer and thought.
Love You,
Wish you didn't hurt so bad, I truly hope and pray and wish that I may take away your pain and bring it on to myself, let it can do it. You have so much to live for, you know that already.

No significant change in the news so far today, but for friends who are wondering, here is a recap of what has happened up until now.

Mary Ann had part of one lung removed last Monday because of cancer. On Friday she was having a very difficult time and the doctor discovered pneumonia in her other lung. She is on a ventilator and sedated while the doctors treat the pneumonia and hope for enough recovery for her to be able to breathe without the ventilator.

Susan (CatchMm) will be visiting Mary Ann's family in the hospital today and hopes to have more news for us.


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