Our Dear Friend FutureBack.Mom - Mary Ann Shappi

I am just in shock. I have been away from the computer this past weekend and I can't believe it.

My prayers to Mary Ann's family and friends. What an incredible person she was. I admired her very very much. She was faith filled, and now can rejoice in her new life. May God bless you all.
I am at a loss for words....I, too, have not posted in a long time but still check in to follow the updates on the youngmen who were in the same age bracket as my own child...I, also, was part of the original Ladies Lounge group back 6 years ago...what fun we had...sharing stories not only about our boys but also cooking, laundry and other areas of being a "MOM"...Mary Ann was an intrigal part of that group...we laughed...we cried....we shared parts of our lives...our feelings on being baseball moms etc..I feel as if I lost an old friend...one who I have lost contact with over time...Mary Ann was a loving, kind, empathetic woman...who dearly loved her husband and son...I remember vivdly when AJ and Katie were married and how she welcomed and loved her new daughter-in-law and their puppy...I do believe that my signature embodies what we all hope to achieve in our lifetime....I know Mary Ann did...may she rest in peace
I also check in now and then and was so saddened by this news. Like Catchermom 03 I remember Mary Ann from the days of Pa Mom, Chill, Hot Mama, BK's MOM,UKMB,and many others.

Bighit and Fungo would stop in to say hi now and then. She was a gentle soul who never had a bad work to say about anyone.

When AJ and Katie announced their marriage I remember how fondly she spoke of Katie and her plans to become a teacher. And you always knew that Marv and AJ meant the world to her. She never bragged although she had plenty to brag about.

Prayers for her family are offered. I hope the many happy memories can ease the pain at this time.
I have been reading and praying along with everyone else. When I first talked with Mary Ann she was Highlandermom. Our son's were both drafted in the same draft along with njbb and other sons. We use to exchange occasional e-mails.

I use to tease her and tell her to get a life. All she did was hsbbweb and her son's baseball. She would always respond back. "Yea, just like you".

My mom-in-law is end stage right now and my wife has been with her for several weeks in Orlando. I know how painful it can be. I am just glad that Mary Ann had her faith and family with her at the end. That is all one can ask for in this circle of life. She has left a legacy her on this site that will be remembered as long as we remember her.

R.I.P You are sleeping with angels now.

It is apparent from all of the fine comments in this thread that Mary Ann's legacy is secure. She lived her life to the fullest and continues to contribute substantially to the reservoir of goodness...her warmth, friendliness, compassion, and steadiness are so precious and necessary. We are all much better having known Mary Ann and learning from her.

So as she gazes down on her family and friends, let's reward Mary Ann with actions and behavior that will bring a gentle smile to her face...she will know that the decent life she lived will certainly have been very worthwhile.

The world will forever remain a better place for having Mary Ann grace its bounds.

To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one's self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived-- this is to have succeeded.

In tribute and rememberance I went back and reviewed many of Mary Ann's posts...and her underlying message is so crystal clear.

Many people talk the game of compassion, of caring, of connection, of love. This thread, and the outpouring of affection and grief and rememberence remind us so very clearly that Mary Ann truely lived all of the best parts of her humanity, and in that process touched so many.

It is also very clear that one of Mary Ann's greatest legacy's is us. In this difficult monent it is clear that we are all not only better posters....but better wives, better parents, better people as a result of the way she touched us with each post....And by her words, actions and presence for those of you who were fortunate enough to know her beyond her wonderful presence on the HSBBW.

Her reach was wide, her message clear, and she will live here and with us in our hearts and in our actions for a very long time.

Just read this and I'm certainly feeling the loss of a warm and very decnt person. She often had inspiring comments for many of us. I'm praying for those who are left here to move on without her.

Pray not for those who have left us, for they are in the arms of the Lord. Pray for those who must struggle without the loved one they've lost.
Hello, old friends---

The grapevine, sadly, wound its way to me late last night when I was devastated to learn that the torch of seniority in the original LOBBY (Kathy---luvbb---the acronym more mischievously stood for "Lil Ol Biddy Brigade Yo") had unexpectedly, tragically passed to me. I have not visited here in a very long while...I am stunned at the news.

Highlandermom (aka: Mary Ann and various, more recent aliases) and I found a "not-so-six-degrees-of-separation" connection very early on in our hsbbweb "careers." Turns out that she was actually more of a PAmom than I, having been raised in Pittsburgh (I am from Cleveland). One of the most hilarious exchanges I still recall with a giggle involved speaking "Pittsburghese" throughout an entire thread. "Yinz goin' dahntahn to watch the Stillers play?" "Sure, after I redd up the hahse."
SAY WHAT??!! Confused

More silliness occurred in the LOBBY---with "Hairy" and Cankles and Men Tasting Like Chicken (forgive us, for we know not what we do!). The Birthday Board was wonderful, as were the laughs and the tears and the daily hugs from all of the baseball moms. Loopy Wafflebiscuits (aka: Mary Ann, thanks to URKMB!), in the middle of it all, relished her many roles as a hsbbweb original.

But as many of you know, faith and family FIRST were the driving forces in Mary Ann's too short life. She had it right. She lived it right. We know that today, Mary Ann resides in the answer to my signature line.

And that answer is: "YES!"
I pray the words in her signature line bring comfort to her family...and that the words may comfort those of us who never knew her face to face...as well as those who have had the honor:

"The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."
Deuteronomy 31:8
I am so sorry to hear of Mary Ann's passing. So sad. Like many others have said, she was such a wonderful source of encouragement to us. She was once in the casino where I work and came to my table where I was dealing and introduced herself. She was quite unassuming, and didn't linger - but I wished she had. My condolences to her family.
Dear Baseball Family,

Here is Mary Ann's obituary in today's Orange County Register.

There is a place for people to leave messages for the Shappi's. I think you will LOVE the picture of Mary Ann. It is a great photo and really captures her spirit!

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers for our dear friend.

Originally posted by CatchMm:
Dear Baseball Family,

Here is Mary Ann's obituary in today's Orange County Register.

There is a place for people to leave messages for the Shappi's. I think you will LOVE the picture of Mary Ann. It is a great photo and really captures her spirit!

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers for our dear friend.


What a beautiful picture of Mary Ann. I hope AJ makes it to the big leagues next year. That would be bitter-sweet obviously. Many athletes like Randy Johnson point up toward the sky to a loved one and I could see the same thing happening on that occasion.
My prayers and condolences go out to Mary Ann's family. She was such a great source of information and comfort to me too. As my son went through the draft and signing she provided me with some advice in our PM's in a way only another mother could. I thank God for having "known" her and will continue to pray for her family in the weeks to come.
Been thinking for several days for the "right" thing to say. Obviously, there are not words to express my sincere sympathy to the family. However, as I have contemplated my words... I have realized that we all would like to leave this world having affected as many people as Mary Ann obviously has.

Prayers to her family and friends.

Yes, we have dedicated the Ladies Lounge to Mary Ann. There is a new sign on the door, and we will also start a "sticky thread" in the LL to give newcomers some idea of what was so special about Mary Ann.

There will also be a scholarship in memory of Mary Ann. I will contact some of the members who knew her best next week, to ask their input and begin planning, but anyone who wants to help with the scholarship is invited to contact me via PM.

I remember so many things fondly about Mary Ann. She would PM and then email me with questions, when she first became a member.

I asked her one evening "How good do you think your son is?" This when he was a high school sophomore. Her response was "We think he is pretty good, but we are not sure."

I called a good friend that was an area scout in California. He did some checking and then went and watched AJ play. The report was "This kid has a huge upside!"

A long time ago I stated that what makes this "place" special is the people. Sadly now it is a little less special.

Mary Ann ... You were loved by so many of us here. God Bless you.

I would like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of Mary Ann.

I don’t post very much anymore, but when I first started searching for information on this site, FBM was one of the first posters that made me feel welcome here.

I will always remember her kindness.

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